Meiosis It's a sex thing.

Meiosis is the process that occurs in the sex cells. Chromosomes duplicate during interphase, and begin splitting similar to mitosis. Chromosomes are already aligned in the center of the cell. This process occurs twice in the sex cells, forming four new cells.

Meiosis is a double process of mitosis.

Meiosis I and II occur right after each other. Unlike mitosis, a cell splits right after two new cells form, forming four cells. Chromosomes cross over in the center of the cell instead of having interphase 2 occur, a chiasma forms, and these new chromosomes duplicate. It is why the sex cells have a unique process.

Each form of meiosis follows the same steps as mitosis does. First, before any cell splits, the cell goes through interphase. Once the DNA has gone through the main interphase steps before prophase, the cell enters prophase 1. DNA begins to align at the center of the cell and microtubules prepare to link the DNA.

The nucleus of the cell dissintegrates with the use of special enzymes, and DNA is now at the center of the cell. The microtubules start to find their way towards the DNA to prepare for cytokinesis.

The microtubules attach themselves to the DNA and separate them to prepare for cytokinesis. Telophase moves the DNA to each side of the extending membrane, and a smaller membrane forms in the center to split the cells.

Telophase occurring the center cell, and anaphase occurring in the cell next to it.

Once cytokinesis splits the cells, the process repeats itself, but interphase doesn't occur. Chromosomes cross over and form a chiasma, and these new chromosomes split, forming 2 new unique cells. The 46 genes split into 23, now letting both sperm and egg combine into a stem cell and zygote.

Four cells are now created in meiosis, and a stem cell and zygote form. A child will be on the way in about 9 months!


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