CAMTech Uganda Medtech Hack-a-thon innovating to improve community health services to attain universal health coverage

The 6th Annual CAMTech Uganda Medtech Hack-a-thon brought together over 290 innovators from across the globe to develop innovative medical technologies that can improve community health services to attain universal health coverage.

Friday, August 24, 2018

CAMTech Uganda first convened over 100 participants for a Challenge Summit to kick-off the weekend's Hack-a-thon with an introduction from Dr. Data Santorino, CAMTech Uganda Country Manager. Professor Edgar Mulogo, Head of the Mbarara University of Science and Technology (MUST) Community Health Department, opened the Challenge Summit with a Keynote Speech.

During the Challenge Summit, clinical, public health and community experts also addressed innovators on panels focused on community participation, service delivery and health information management.

The Challenge Summit concluded with remarks from Dr. Kristian Olson, Director of CAMTech.

“We’re coming up with solutions to engage the end-user in what would make their lives easier, more fulfilling and more productive. We want to see not one spark from this weekend, not two sparks, but many sparks that are moving the needle on obtaining community health access.” - Dr. Kristian Olson, Director of CAMTech

Innovators gathered Friday evening for a cocktail reception at the Massachusetts General Hospital Guesthouse in Mbarara before commencing the 48-hour-long hack-a-thon. Speakers included Dr. Data Santorino, Dr. Kristian Olson and Professor Celestino Obua, the Vice Chancellor of MUST. The cocktail reception also highlighted presentations from Health Child Uganda, the Central Public Health Laboratories and Mukama Martin, the CAMTech Uganda Co-Creation Lab Manager.

Saturday, August 25, 2018

Hack-a-thon Day 1 began with with opening remarks from Dr. Kristian Olson and included highlights from Sandra Butler from CAMTech, Dr. Robert Kawanja from Villgro Kenya and Dr. Viola Nyakato from the MUST Department of Interdisciplinary Studies.

Nuriat Nambogo and Nicholas Diamond from CAMTech introduced the rules, format and judging criteria during Hack-a-thon 101.

Participants pitched 71 clinical challenges to other innovators before forming 40 teams.

After pitching potential innovations, the hack-a-thon officially began with innovators forming of cross-disciplinary teams, the opening of the Hack Store and mentor briefing at the MUST Resource Center.

Teams continued to hack on Saturday overnight into Sunday morning before practice pitches.

Sunday, August 26, 2018

By Sunday morning, teams rehearsed during practice presentations before showcasing their innovations to judges on Hack-a-thon Day 2.

Judges began their first round of judging to select the top 6 teams after 24 hours of hacking.

Competing for over 8 million UGX in funding, the top 6 teams presented once more to the panel of judges.

A multidisciplinary panel of expert judges then selected the top four teams based on the public health impact, problem statement, innovation, sustainable business model, team and pitch.

Dr. Data Santorino and Dr. Kristian Olson closed the Hack-a-thon.

“A problem that is identified by a human being is exactly the same problem that a human being can solve,” - Dr. Data Santorino, CAMTech Uganda Country Manager

Grand Prize Winner

Virtual Health Team received 3.5 million UGX as the grand prize winners. Their affordable medical technology is an app that trains Village Health Team workers (VHTs) to provide health education tools for their communities in a profit-sharing model that incentivizes VHTs.

Virtual Health Team

First Runner-Up

Team Digital Speaking Assistant (DSA) received 2.8 million UGX for innovating a device that improves communication between health providers and the hearing impaired.

Team Digital Speaking Assistant (DSA)

Second Runner-Up

Team Breast Me Bag received 2.1 million UGX for innovating temperature-controlled storage for breast milk.

Team Breast Me Bag

Third Runner-Up

Team WASH received 1.165 million UGX for an innovative portable hand washing mechanism making improvements to the current tippy-tap, building out of metal instead of wood and including a bell connected to a door to serve as a reminder to wash your hands after using the washroom.

Honorable Mentions

Team Mosquito Attracting & Killing (MAAK) Bulb and Helping Mothers Team (HMT) also received 350,000 UGX and honorable mentions.

CAMTech congratulates all four teams on their dedication to improving community health services to attain universal health coverage and thanks our partners and sponsors for their continued support.

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Nicholas Diamond, MPH

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