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Adobe Spark is a great tool that is extremely versatile. It allows normal people to create attention grabbing web sites that are extremely engaging and dynamic. Adobe Spark also focuses on making the layout of your content look aesthetically pleasing and at the same it gives it a serious professional look. This tool is great for creating and sharing content and gives the user an arsenal of tools and options to make creative professional projects.


Yum! Brands is one of the largest restaurant companies worldwide. With Kentucky Fried Chicken, Pizza Hut, and Taco Bell under its wing it accounts for more than $13 billion dollars in revenue (2014) ranking it in the 218th place of the Fortune 500 list. The Yum! Brand is responsible for 43,500 restaurants in 135 different countries, averaging 57 restaurants per million people in the United States alone. With over 50% of their profits from 2016 coming outside the United States the Yum! Brand is exponentially growing globally. Last but not least the Yum! Brand has an employee force that compiles to 1.5 million people further highlighting their social and economic importance worldwide.
Key Audiences

There are various types of audiences that need to be receptive about what exactly the real benefits of using a program like Adobe Spark brings. The first audience group that can benefit from this program is any employee at Yum! Brand that deals with social media because Adobe Spark Post has a tool that allows you to generate social graphics for all the main social media web sites making content generation less timely and efficient. The second audience group that can benefit from these Adobe tools is the general public. Since the layouts for the Spark pages are simple and very professional it is not hard to generate content that would help inform the general public about Yum! Brands and what they entail.

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Strategic Mindset:

The main strategic mindset that the Yum! Brand has, is to build three multinational brands that people can trust and love. According to Yum! Brand they are focused on four growth drivers: unrivaled culture and talent, bold restaurant development, unmatched franchise operating capabilities, and distinctive relevant brands. With all these growth incentives Yum! Brand has been able to spread not just all over the United States but to conquer the Asian and Latin American continents.

With Yum! Brands being such a massive worldwide corporation it is hard to have one set of objectives. One of their main objectives that they have been focusing on lately is to evolve their sub brands (Taco Bell, Pizza Hut, KFC) into more engaged, connected, and caring global brands. Another objective that is present is that Yum! Brands want to focus on better brand positioning and as well as increasing their engagement though digital social media.


An efficient strategy that can be implemented in order to help Yum! Brands be more engaged and connected worldwide is by increasing their advertising through their social media channels, more specifically by promoting their involvement with the World Food Programme and their World Hunger Relief philanthropy. The company is also focused on growing their digital social media presence. Although Taco Bell, Pizza Hut, and KFC have independent social media accounts that generate different content, they should always try to link their posts back to the parent company. By having all the other brands tagging the parent company’s social media it helps to accentuate that its sub brands are part of a larger and worldwide entity.

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Summary Points

In all Yum! Brand is a multinational company that continues to strive to build three of the most iconic food franchises. The company that is built on the idea of transparency and innovation is always striving to create the best global brands possible. Thanks to its outstanding relationship and care that the Yum! Brand has for its employees it has been able to develop a workforce that grows from positive ideas and good intentions. An example its great employee relationships can be seen with the recent policy that Yum Brands implemented which expands parental time off and increases family benefits. As we can see Yum! Brand is a company that does not only focus on revenue streams and profits, it also has been able to grow and have a positive impact not only at a small local level but bring “A world with more YUM!”.

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