Por Ti Second half- Jessica Diaz

Julio hands Lauren coffee with heart, their hands touch
Overhead projection of Julio handing Lauren cup
Lauren sitting at table looking sick
Flashback of Julio's dad taking pills
Pedro and his group walk into the coffee shop
Julio pushing Pedro against wall after he insults Lauren
Julio runs out of coffee shop crying
Intercut of Julio and Young Julio destroying their rooms
Rosie takes Julio's dad's ashes from behind his bed
Lauren sitting at table, more sick, with bandana
Julio goes to Lauren's table, gives her cup, they have a connection
Julio and Lauren hold hands, Julio cries
Julio and Lauren hug and kiss
Julio in coffee shop, looks at clock, even though he knows Lauren isn't coming
Lauren in hospital bed
Lauren reading Julio's letter
Rosie talking to Julio at pier
Julio throws his dad's ashes into the ocean
Julio stares off into the horizon- END

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