The Great Gatsby the life of the man before he became rich

Gatsby's real past

His real name is James Gatz, which he changed when he was seventeen. He comes from North Dakota.

His parents had a farm, and weren't successful.

Gatsby never felt like they were his parents. He felt like he was Jay Gatsby, from West Egg.

Then he met Dan Cody, his future best friend & mentor. He was a fifty-years-old millionnaire, sent to sea on his yacht by Ella Kaye.

He left his home to discover the world with Cody. For many years, Cody taught him everything he had to know about business, life.

When Cody died, Gatsby hadn't been able to get his inheritance, which went to Cody's mistress.

But he had his singular education, and was ready to conquer the world!


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