Leif Ericson An explorer who Changed the world

Leif Ericsson was born on 970 c.e. in Iceland before his family got kicked out. He explored from 1000 c.e. to 1002 c.e. he stayed in Vinland for one year in the winter until he came back. His character traits are brave and a little tempered like his father because he was brave enough to travel across the glowering ocean. Also he was a little tempered because he started a fight between the American Indians.

The reason Leif Ericsson explored is because he was clever to think of a solution since all the farmland was taken up in Greenland, so Ericsson went to find more land.

On of Ericsson's obstacles is that a fight broke between American Indians and the Vikings in Vinland, and many Vikings did not survive. If one of the crew mates were still alive today the perspective would go like this. Years ago when I was sailing on the ship we landed on a place that looked unfamiliar and untouched netheir me or my crew mates knew that our fate will be very troubled. When that day arrived their was anger in the air you could hear the slashing of the swords fighting for life only very few of us were able to escape. From that day on I knew I'd never go back there again.

Leif Ericsson had many obstacles but he also had acomplisments he found Vinland which is today called Newfoundland, Canada. Ericsson's exploration really impacted the world today because he found Newfoundland, so people can enjoy more land and not have to be crowded into land.

A fun fact is Leif Ericsson is believed to be the first explorer to set foot on North America.

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