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Divisions, First we start with a typical college neighborhood, directly behind midtown, showing the poor conditions, and typical empty reality of such a place. Then we'll move on to the much richer Haile Plantation, with flawless decorating due to high taxes from its inhabitants, as well as a general older and wealthier, white crowd.

Apartments behind Midtown

These apartments, showing the poorer student housing, specifically college park, directly behind midtown. The social divisions here typically involve low income students. The parking lots is old and cracked, and needs to be redone.

College park properties house

The trees are overgrown, the properties are not well taken care of metal fences surround most, and rotting wood makes for a dangerous staircase.

16th street, dead palm leaves litter the sides of the streets, the telephone cords are littered with moss, and theres only one paved sidewalk on the street.
The grass has died here, the metal fence is crooked, and the brick building has not been cleaned for a while.
Haile Plantation sign.

Here we see the sign to the richest part of Gainesville, Haile Plantation. Home of some nicer local restaurants and shops.

Street down Haile Plantation

AS you can see the hedges are neatly trimmed, the trees were all placed in order to create a beautiful treeline, the buildings are spic and span, with new windows and awnings. There are cobblestone sidewalks and antique lampposts surrounding most of the area.

Local Restauranturs

At this local restaurant, we see a neat and proper black fence, and a very caucasian crowd, mainly of older persons. You can see the added effects of the cobblestone sidewalk, and the lampposts as well as string lights, and new awnings.

The great equalizers.

On game day, 90,000 people of every race, color, socio economic status, gender, what have you come together. All for the purpose of being a florida gator, and to watch the great american game of football. The entire campus is backed people are walking from tailgate to tailgate, being invited by total strangers to come sit and have a beer. Well as long as your rooting for the right team.

Reitz Union

A bit empty due to it being a sunday afternoon, however when the Reitz is full, it is packed with students, faculty, parents, locals, whomever. The staff that works every part of the reitz is enormous between Aramark and the Reitz staff, SAI, and SG many different persons come together in this building. The multicultural and diversity affairs suite on the second floor is a prime example of a diverse group of people coming together for a common cause. The most interesting reality about the Reitz Union is its name, for it is named after a bigot yet is one of the places on campus where all people come together. Oh the Irony.


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