Boomtowns By: Maddy decarville

What are they? They were towns growing rapidly near mines and once the mine wasn't successful anymore the boom towns would become empty.

Who went there? Prospectors and Miners also there were a lot of immigrants and Merchants

What was there? There were gold mines, shops, and houses.

Where are they? A lot were located in the West but they were throughout the US.

Give examples of real Boomtowns: Animas Forks, Bannack, Bodie, Calico, Rhyolite

What was life like there? . Relatively few people from boomtowns who were not initially rich "struck it rich." However, there were a lucky few who became wealthy off of a strike and- they are referred to as "bonanza kings". Most men worked arduous jobs in corporate mining. Those who survived the frequent explosions, cave-ins, and fires, had to endure extremely hot conditions with poor ventilation and dusty air.

What did they have there? They had railroads, restaurants, and shops many women ran these shops.

What were problems with Boomtowns? When they opened up a lot of other businesses were shut down.

What happened to them? When the mines weren't good anymore the populations declined greatly.

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