7 Elements Of Art By: marilin vela 3rd period fall final project


Every time we turn there is lines surrounding us

when we walk by the street we look down and we see lines

that appear to move a a constant speed every time we move.


Shapes come in different form and sides like plates.

The plates come in different sides and that makes them unique for us

and they can be duplicated to make more of them

we can use them to celebrate important meeting or activities.


Orange is a carrot, Yellow is a pineapple,

Green is for grass and apple,

Red is for tomato, Purple is for grapes and Blue for the sky

and lastly Brown for the table.


Value deals with the lightness and darkness of a color

Since we see the objects and understand

objects because of how dark or light they are.

We see things because light reflects off of objects

and goes into our eyes.


Form is a three-dimensions view like our city that have a great view

There are many places that people can live

And others can work on or the view we can see at a point of view.


We create the texture of our soul, from the young all the way to our old.

Some soft as downing, some hard as nails.

Some fast as gazelles, some slower than snails.

But the texture differ as time goes on, of which we seem to all grow fond.

Some change as our time goes by, some fade away with the view of our eyes.


Space is a continuous/ unoccupied area.

It has depth wishing the area that is establish on.

It could also have a way of expressing their nature.


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