What is it like to be 15 Year Old In Japan? Ethan Hansen Comp 9 1st hour

Japan has been around since 35000 bc, and has been nearly closed ever since. By closed I mean it has refused to open it's borders to other countries, a law enacted in 1633 literally translates to "Locked Country" who would've known.
Being 15 in Japan is not ordinary but beautiful, because of strict schooling and a unique culture.
There is no question that japan is not your typical country. due to its long school days and very brutal and lengthy school years it is very abnormal. Despite all this, it still has a beautiful country as seen in the ways they are obsessed with everything cute.
In America there are various things that keep students well after class. However, in japan staying until nearly 6:00 every night is regular. To them this is a normal activity. here, however, it is very out of the ordinary.
Japanese schooling is very strict. It has one of the longest days going from 8:30 to 3:00 but students typically stay until about 5:30 or 6:00 for clubs, sports, and other extracurricular activities. (Namiko abe)
in america we consider ourselves 'out of school' for the summer, while in japan all of their breaks put together are barely 2 months long. this strict schooling is just casual to them but to us, it is extremely abnormal.
Not only are the school days long, but so are their school years. The school year runs from april "the height of spring" ,according to Namiko Abe, to march with only 10 weeks total in breaks (6 for summer, 2 for winter, 2 for spring) during which they have homework.
Although going to school and living in the strict environment must be tough, the japanese culture is still very beautiful. Or, i guess their culture is more cute than beautiful seeing as though everyone in japan is practically obsessed with cute things or "kawaii"
Japanese children, especially female, are brought up to look childlike and more feminine than other countries. This is why, when you think of japan, you picture hello kitty, pokemon, and other kawaii. As Tokyo top guide says "There is cuteness everywhere. everything cute goes."
Japan, physically, is a magnificently beautiful country. But looks aren't the only beautiful thing in that country. It has rich culture and everyone is very intelligent. The beauty and the abnormalities of this country make it truly special.
THrough this process, by making a connection, i realized that although Japan and the us are very similar i am very grateful i live here.
In japan children are scolded for coming home late and they don't have as many opportunities. They have different options of things to do, but the majority of students stay over 2 hours after school doing extra studying and extracurricular activities.
here in the united states there are so many opportunities that kids have. We can hang out with friends, go to movies, go out on dates, so many things. In japan they stay at school until 6:00 almost every single night and are denied the opportunity to date until they've graduated.


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