Utah Facts By Delani and KaitlynC.

It means the People of the mountains

Thank You For Watching this Adobe Spark We Want you to Know about the beauty of our state.


Created with images by Ian D. Keating - "A Slot in Zion Canyon" • Paul Schultz - "Mountain and Forest" • andrey_zharkikh - "2010.06.13-12.30.23_IMG_7730" • mypubliclands - "#conservationlands15 Social Media Takeover, Jan 15th, King Range National Conservation Area" • nuzree - "rail road people walking walk" • skeeze - "landscape scenic formations" • James St. John - "Indian petroglyphs (~100 B.C. to ~1540 A.D.) (Newspaper Rock, southeastern Utah, USA) 24" • flickkerphotos - "European Beaver" • mypubliclands - "#conservationlands15 Social Media Takeover, Feb 15th, What is a National Monument?" • Eric Fischer - "4-color map of the contiguous United States" • DVIDSHUB - "Military hockey teams skate at European tournament" • Ian D. Keating - "The Virgin River"

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