The Life and Story of Stephen Hawking: Living with ALS created by jimmy gomez

Stephen Hawking was born on January 8, 1942 in the town of Oxford England to a family of thinkers and innovators

Stephen Attended Oxford University at the age of 17, while there Stephen would devote thousands of hours to his academics a task a habit that he enjoyed doing. Stephen graduated from Oxford in 1962 with a first- class BA degree in Natural Science. However, during this time Stephen started to notice unusual problems with his health as he sometimes would trip and fall, or slur his speech.

Stephen would later attend Cambridge university in pursuit of a PhD in cosmology. It was here during his Cambridge years that Stephen would find out that he had ALS. One day his father started to notice Stephen's unusual symptoms and decided to take him to the doctor. There they took a muscle sample from his arm and performed various test. Doctors would later tell Stephen he had amyotrophic lateral sclerosis and at the age of 21 Stephen was told he only had two and a half years to live.

After hearing this devastating news Stephen wanted to quit academics, as he felt that it no longer mattered. However, after having a dream one night of almost being executed he decided there was still things to do in his life. In 1963, at a New years eve party Stephen met a young girl by the name of Jane Wilde, both would later marry in 1965.

After several years of living with ALS, Stephen now needed the support of a wheel chair to move around. In 1968 his first son Robert was born and later in 1969 his daughter Lucy was born(10 years later they would have another child by the name of Timothy). In the same year Stephen became a member of the institute of Astronomy in Cambridge.

In 1974, Stephens research into black holes made him a celebrity when he proved that black holes were not the vacuums that stored information. As radiation can escape the clutches of black holes. He was later named a fellow of the Royal Society at the age of 32.

Later Stephen would have teaching stints at Cal- tech and Cambridge University. Hawking however saw his condition worsen as he continued to live, but by now he had defied all the odds and the dates given to him about how long he had to live. Stephen caught the eye of a young programmer from California and the programmer designed a special device for Stephen after he lost the ability to speak, do to the progression of the ALS disease.

Stephen today is confined to a wheel chair without the ability to speak or move. However, he was not let the disease that is a big part of him define him. Stephen has said that in a way he is grateful for his disease because without it he would of not been who he is today. Stephen has continued to be a big part of the scientific community and he has written several books about the universe and its workings. Today Stephen is happy at the age of 75 living with his family, a man who has surpassed his initial death sentence by 53 years.

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