escape NewZealand

Haere Mai

Means welcome

The place you will escape : is all with me so lets journey the way to New Zealand the home of the kiwi

Flights are the first to do I have arranged what and how you are going to get to the destination New Zealand. You will be in the premium economy you will enjoy what they have to offer to all with extra leg room leather seats and a premium menu plus more

Cost is $490 all this is with 2 carry-on bags (up to 7kg each)2 priority checked bags (up to 23kg each).Premium check in and priority boardingLuxury leather seat with extra space. Seat back entertainment with premium headphones.Order from our Premium Economy menu


Your car will be waiting at Auckland International Airport the is a Toyota Rav4 4WD the price will be AUD $2685.67


You can go and have a look at the city and all of the buildings around and then race the way to Rotorua


Down at Rotorua you will fly the way down to the skyline and race the luge you can also go to the hobbit and walk around and see how each hut and why the made it in New Zealand

Skyline and Luge

The pricing for the Hobbit and the Luge are each: the Hobbit is $79.00 for the private tour and the luge is for the Gondola & 7 Luge rides is $62 for the adult for both

The Luge

Nestle into a Luge cart and zip off with friends or family to discover who has the skills to master the Luge.

The part go-cart, part toboggan is gravity fuelled with full rider control over speed and direction using a unique braking and steering system. Pull back on the handlebars to slow down or stop, release slightly to accelerate and enjoy the ride. The Luge is great for any age (our oldest rider is 101) and small children can ride with adults.

First up, ride the sweeping bends of the Scenic Track through the Redwoods Forest. After a stunning chair-lift ride back to the top, the Intermediate and Advanced tracks await. Once is never enough.

The world famous Luge opened in 1986 and Skyline Rotorua continues to lead the Luge technology - all components are designed and manufactured in Rotorua and then shipped around the world to other Luge locations.

The Hobbit

How and when the hobbit started

In 1998, Sir Peter Jackson’s team of location scouts were searching for the iconic rolling hills and lush green pastures of Hobbits™. An aerial search led them to the Alexander farm, a stunning 1,250 acre sheep farm in the heart of the Waikato. They noted the area’s striking similarity to The Shire™, as described by JRR Tolkien, and quickly realised that the Hobbits™ had found a home.

In one particular part of the farm, a magnificent pine tree towered over a nearby lake, adjacent to a rising hill. Bag End now sits atop that hill, overlooking the Party Tree, as that pine would later be known. The surrounding areas were untouched; no power lines, no buildings and no roads in sight. This meant that Sir Peter Jackson could leave the 20th century behind, and fully submerge himself in the fantasy world of Middle-earth™.

you can go to the Rainbow Springs Nature Park

Explore Rainbow Springs, New Zealand's largest and most successful kiwi conservation centre. Wander through the paved pathways with native plant species, see live kiwis in an open environment, watch an entertaining bird show and view the exotic tuatara – a descendant from the time of the dinosaurs.

Continue to the Kiwi House, a purpose-built facility that mirrors the birds' natural environment. Because these magnificent and mysterious birds are nocturnal, the Kiwi House is dimly lit during the day to mimic moonlight, giving you the opportunity to view this curious bird as close as possible as it forages and feeds.

Cost is $40

Baby kiwi bird


To find a great place to stay

Novotel Auckland Ellerslie $207

Jet Park Hotel Rotorua $144

Novotel Auckland Ellerslie
Jet Park Hotel

You will go back to the Novotel Auckland Ellerslie Hotel for the night and the flight will be the next day

After having a great time down at Rotorua you make the way back up to Auckland and to fly back the Sydney Australia

Full cost is $3914.67 we will give you a extra $1000 to spend to what you will like

We thank you and for you to enjoy

Kia Ora

New Zealand
Created By
Tahnee Morrison

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