Effychia Sicknesses are so yesterday, Happiness and Lives are so today

Welcome to Effychia. Also known as Happiness in Greek. The name is happiness because in this community, you have the chance to always happy.

We don't want people being sick and not able to do fun things all the time, so instead we made them immune to sickness so they can enjoy the good things and happiness of life.

Membership Requirements

Do you want to join Effychia? It's pretty awesome. All you have to do is agree to all of the rules and promise that even if your extended family does not live in Effychia, to go visit them or have them come and visit you, here in Effychia. You also need to know that you still have birthdays and all the holidays that are also in the U.S.

Even though you can't get sick, we still have some rules that you have to accept to follow before you join if you want to.

Don't take too big an advantage to being immune to getting sick.

You have to eat healthy food, but you can still have desserts and good foods.

The number nine and ten are unlucky because two communities named Nine and Ten were lost because everybody that lived in those communities died from sicknesses.

You have to exercise every day. Either you do it in a fun way like swimming or soccer or in a not so fun way like warm up things like push ups or sit ups.

You need to spend time with family or friends for at least one and a half hours each day.

You need to get at least 9 hours of sleep every night. It helps you be less stressed and more happy.

You can't have nine or ten of anything.

You can have as many kids as you want. Except nine or ten, of course.

In your free time, you must get your homework done first, and then do whatever you want.

If you are a parent, you must be on time to drop off and pick up your children from wherever you take them.

You have to say please and thank you.

Where is the Wonderful Effychia

Effychia is located in a place called Zestos. It has a beach and warm(not hot and not cold) ocean water. You don't have to live by the beach if you don't want to. It will still have all four seasons so you can enjoy each season and do fun things and develop talents in each of them.


Wake up between 7:00am and 8:30am

Have school from 9:30am to 3:30pm

4:00pm to 6:00pm- homework/friends/family/exercise/work on talents/help mom or dad/whatever

6:15pm- dinner (restaurant or homemade food)

7:00pm to 9:00pm- doing whatever with family or friends

9:00pm-9:30pm- read or do homework in room

9:30pm- lights out/go to bed


Wake up between 7:00am and 8:30am

9:15am to 9:30am- take kids to school

10:00am to 3:00pm- work/lunch/home with little kids/store/exercise/work on talents/whatever

3:45pm to 4:00pm- pick up kids from school

4:00pm to 6:00pm- work/home with kids/making dinner/store/exercise/work on talents/whatever

6:15pm- dinner

7:00pm to 9:00pm- do whatever with family or friends

9:00pm to 10:00pm- work stuff/read/whatever in room

10:00pm- lights out/go to bed


We will have a democracy government. The people can vote and choose who they will be ruled by and who will make some laws. If the people aren't happy because of who they are being ruled by, then there would be no point in being immune to sickness. They are immune to sickness because we want everyone to be able to develop more talents, do more fun things, and be happier.

come to Effychia

In Effychia nothing and no one can get sick or get a disease. Wouldn't you like that? When you aren't sick, that gives you the ability to do more fun things and be more happy. You can always become happy again! Come to Effychia!

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