Trojan War

What was the Trojan War

The Trojan War was the Queen of Sparta, Helen, was abducted by the Trojan prince named Paris. Helen's husband Menelaus persuaded his brother Agamemenon to lead an army to retrieve his wife. They attacked Troy and there battle lasted for more than 10 years. Then the Greeks defeated the Trojans, and the queen was returned but later on was hung during another war.

Who where the major players in the War

Helen: Helen was the daughter of Leda and Zeus, sister of Clytemnestra, Castor and Pollux, and wife of Menelaus. Helen's beauty was so overwhelmed that Theseus and Paris abducted her and the Trojan war was fought to bring her back home.

Hector: Was a Trojan prince and the leading hero in Trojans in the Trojan War.

Ajax: Was one of the suitors of Helen and was a Trojan warrior.

How did the war start and end?

It began after abduction of Queen Helen of Sparta by the Trojan Prince Paris. It ended when the Greeks defeated Troy with a large wooden horse which helped them enter the city of Troy.

Who is Homer?

Homer was an author of two ancient Greece's most important literary works. His importance to Greek culture can hardly be underestimated.


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