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I, an English settler, have witnessed some problems between the Native Americans and the US Government. The reason I am so concerned with this is because I moved to be away from this. Let me go back in time to when I was in England and the government was unfair and indecisive. That was a big problem because it made my life difficult and I see the same things happening here. I am not the wealthiest so I had no say in England. The government over there made choices that improved their life and nobody else. Also, they would say one thing and do another, hypocrites. I am writing this proposal to tell the US Government and be heard about the problems I am seeing.


Because of valuable resources on the land the US Government is moving the Native Americans and then moving them again. They need to make up their mind.

Another thing is that both sides have different views on land ownership and that is causing a dispute.

Also, a major dilemma is the broken promises from the government. The government promised the Native Americans a certain ration of food and have not given them enough.


The attempt the Government to solve these problems is with reservations and the Dawes act. They created a plot of land and designated it tribes of Native Americans. This has not actually helped though because the government moves them and then moves them again. All this uprooting of tribes is making things worse.


The US government should quit moving the Native Americans because it is their own fault for not checking and inspecting the land first for valuables. Also, the Native Americans and the US need to discuss how they believe differently about land ownership. The main reason of this dilemma is lack of communication and accepting of different beliefs.

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