King Albert king of BELGIUM

How does this involve WWI? He was the King when 90 percent of Belgium was overrun, occupied, and ruled by the German Empire. At the start of World War I, Albert refused to comply with Germany's request for safe passage for its troops through Belgium in order to attack France. The Germans alleged was about to advance into Belgium in route to attacking Germany in support of Russia. The German invasion brought Britain into the war. King Albert took personal command of the Belgian army. It had held the Germans off long enough for Britain and France to prepare for the Battle of the Marne. The Marne batte was September 6-9 of 1914. He led his army through the Siege of Antwerp and the Battle of the Yser. When the Belgian army was driven back to a tiny strip of Belgian territory near the North Sea. King Albert fought alongside his troops, while his wife worked as a nurse. There were rumors spread that the German soldiers never fired upon him out of respect for him being the highest ranked commander. The king also allowed his 14 year old son Prince Leopold, to be in the list of the Belgian army.

Who is he? He is the King of Belgium. Albert and his wife were liked as a royal family. They had a model family and acted like real people.

How did he become a King? Albert's older brother who was suppose to be Prince Baudouin of Belgium, but had died young, Albert then at the age of 16 unexpectedly became second in line (after his father) to the Belgian Crown.

EARLY LIFE ~ He was born April 8 1875 in Brussels, Belgium. Albert grew up in the Palace of Flanders. Albert prepared himself for the task of kingship. He was only 16 when he become the King. Albert became King on December 23, 1909. He was the fifth child and second son of Prince Philippe. Albert was married in the town of Munich on October 2, 1900. He married Elisabeth Gabrielle Marie. She was a Wittelsbach princess who he had met at a family funeral. A Wittlesbach is a royal family that is European. They had three children. They are Léopold Philippe Charles Albert, Charles-Théodore Henri Antoine Meinrad, and Marie José Charlotte Sophie. He died on February 17, 1934. He was 58.


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