Tattoos on the Heart Olivia thompson

God I Guess

One of the main parts of chapter one stood out to me. The main part is when father g picks up Cesar to go shopping. They go shopping at JCPenny he picks out clothes and waits in line, this scares everyone. Then Cesar yells out a story that happened to him earlier and everyone bursts out laughing. I thought this was funny and it shows people shouldn't judge by someone's looks on the outside, but let them show what's on the inside. God lets everyone do this, that's why this relates to the theme.


A couple of stories stood out to me in this chapter. Carmen walked into father g's office and was ashamed of who she is. She is a good person but hides it with drugs and shame. Another story is a project kid misses school because he is ashamed to be seen in his clothes. Both of these stories show shame, father g helps them out and lets them live a better life.


Betito is a 12 year old boy who is very energetic. Father g loves this boy and they even practice English together. One night Betito is at park and a rival gang opens fire on him and paralizes him from the waist down, it didn't even hit his spine. After two hours of recovery he dies. This story stuck out to me because we need to show compassion for each other.

Water, Oil, Flame

Father G has to baptize George, a past gang member who is earning his GED. George has a brother named Crisco. Crisco a shot and killed the day before Georgie's baptism. Father G still has to baptize George, it's so hard for him to do he says. Afterwords father G told him what happened. George isn't mad, instead controls himself because he made a commitment in water, oil, and flame, and resembles the heartbreak of God. This story stuck out to me because of the self-control George shoes. He has a lot of strength you have that much self-control. That's why I picked this story because of how much self-control George has and that is the theme.

Slow Work

Father G goes to many prisons and juvenile hall is to help people. There's this one kid named grumpy, he's covered in tattoos. Father G says to call him once he gets out of prison and he'll take the tattoos off. Grumpy snaps back about his tattoos and refuses his offer. Later on father G and some past gang members go to a Lakers game and see grumpy and his friend. Grumpy ask's father G for the tattoo removal. I picked this story because it showed the theme of the story which is patients. He was patient with Grumpy enough to let him decide he doesn't want any tattoos anymore. Patient is always a key.


One story that stuck out to me is when father g was on his way to work. A guy named Junior is always shirtless drinking a beer. As he walks by junior yells from a window "I love you! " The shows jurisdiction because he shows acceptance to father G. Father G shows acceptance back and goes along with his day. I also thought this was funny because he just yelled it out in the open.


Spider is a "light skinned huero" who isn't even 19 yet and has two kids and a "lady." He works at a hospital moving patients and equipment. He gets home and feeds his two kids and just watches them eat feeling happy even though he cannot eat. I picked this story because it relates to the theme the best. It relates the best because he's glad he can feed his children in-turn making them happy. I thought this was really nice of him to do.


One story that stood out to me it was someone who is gunned down. Previously scrappy pulled out a gun on father g then regretted it. Then he worked at Homeboy Industries painting. One day, 5:30 in the morning he was killed. The reason I chose this is because it relates to the theme so well. His success wasn't with a job or his long life, it was about the love he earned. So many people loved him, so that's why I thought scrappy was very successful.


One story I picked about kinship is when father G has leukemia and he gets a call from jail. A guy named P-Nut is in jail and calls father g. They talk about his cancer and P-Nut tries to make him fell better. Father G explains his white blood cell count is too high and then P-Nut says, "course your white counts too high.... YOU WHITE!!!" I thought this was funny, at the same time showing kinship.

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