St. Francis of Assisi My FavoriTe saiNt

St. Francis of Assisi

c. 1181-1226

Early Life

Francis was born into a wealthy Italian cloth merchant family surrounded by luxury and wealth. In school, he learned Latin, and how to write. Because of his social status he also learned archery.

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Francis quit school at 14 and began to party and drink every day. His father was desperate for his son to enter the family business, but Francis wanted to be a knight to gain glory and renoun. It was because of this that he enlisted in the army c. 1202.

During the war he was held as a prisoner for a year. It is during this time, that he claimed to have visions from God. When he returned to his hometown, he was severely ill and had a new outlook on life. On his way out of town he encountered a leper; on any other occasion he would have run, but then, he hugged the man and blessed him.


After his encounter with the leper, Francis lived his life in extreme poverty and dedicated his life to God. He spent time in monasteries studying, and preaching to anyone that would listen. It is said that when he preached in the forests, birds and other woodland creatures would stop and listen.

In 1224, St. Francis had a vision that left him with the stigmata. The marks lasted until his death in 1226.

Saint Facts

Feast Day: October 4

Patron Saint of: Animals, Merchants, and Ecology


Dear God, let me turn the focus of my life towards you instead of earthly desires. Like St. Francis let me show love to all your people and animals. Give me the strength to be loyal to the end of my life


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