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Puebla, Mexico

Puebla is located near Southern Mexico. It is one of the five most important cities in Mexico. Some tourist attractions include the Cuexcomate volcano, Cholula Pyramid(an old Aztec pyramid), and Capilla del Rosario, a chapel and amazing work of architecture. This brings lots of people. Also a good thing about Puebla is that there are a lot of people living there but there is not a lot of air pollution. Rural percent of Mexico is 66.442% and Urban is 79.25%.


People visiting Cholula
Cholula pyramid

Our logo relates to our country because the Aztecs used to live in the our area and our logo represents the Cholula Pyramid, one of the Aztecs pyramids. This is important to Mexico's history because the Aztecs began a poor nomadic tribe but once they found god Huitzilopochtl who told them to continue their city , they began to have hope and they never gave up.


We he United Mexican States will proudly support the World Cup event. Our government has been a federal government since 1917. We will proudly support the World Cup because, it will globally recognize our country. Our country has a population of 127.02 million so a lot of people would come to the game, not only in the country but around the world. It could possibly increase our population by a ton because, people might see the beautiful wonders of


Enrique Peña Nieto is the president of Mexico. This means that it has a presidential democracy. Because Mexico has a federal distribution of power, this means that Puebla also has its own local government. Rafael Moreno Valle Rosas came into office as governor of Puebla in 2011.


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