Women's Rights Movement! BY: layara, Alyssa, and Erika

Descriptive Essay

The Movement

To gain equal rights as a female has always been a struggle throughout history. Since 1848 at the Seneca Falls Convention up until present 2017 you see our fellow ladies fighting to defend our rights to the death. This movement empowers us females and helps us realize men aren’t always needed to create a perfect world, in some ways they are seen as the ones who destroy it over and over again. We know we could be independent and strong women and with events like marches and ladies who decide that predominantly male careers shows we could live just like any other man. The question is why can’t we?

We are women not slaves, human beings but no lesser than. Always seen with a bad stigma are feminists when all they do is fight for us . They’re seen as an obsessive man haters when in reality they know everything there is to know about equality between our genders. They are some of the best and most devoted fighters of this battle against inequality. They make sure history never repeats itself and that our progress keeps going up. You could say this is war, Women fighting to defend their rights doing anything they can, even giving their lives to a cause this strong versus the people who believe women were ‘made for the kitchen’. Not only is it a physical journey but it also is a long mental one you have to be willing to go through.

Women's Suffrage Movement


The metaphor we used for our project was independent for example we used Lee Chong as an example because he was an independent man but everyone in the town are very dependent on him when it comes to favors. Then again it connects to women because women are independent in our own ways its its from their personality to style of clothing to what they want to in life etc. And Lee Chong connects to women because a lot of people are dependent of him just like people are when it comes to women like women are suppose to know how to do certain tasks or already have them done or guilt trip them into doing something they don't to do for example in Cannery Row when Mack and the boys were telling Lee Chong that he better have someone watch out for his building that wasn't being used before something happened to it so Lee Chong was basically forced to have Mack and the boys live in his vacant building.

My Experience at a Women's Rights March!

Women's March in Oakland!

January 21, 2017 was the day my life changed! I went to my very first march! I have always wanted to go to a march, but I never got the opportunity until this day! I felt so happy and proud that I was going to this march, I was going to be fighting and standing up against inequality. The march I attended was in Oakland, and it was very crowded! I was happy it was crowded because that meant that many people feel the way I do when it comes to inequality. I went to this march with my grandma, auntie, and cousin! We were stuck in the back for a pretty long time, until we decided to maneuver our way to the front. There were so many signs that were beautiful, empowering, and some were really funny too! There were many things yelled out at the march, but the one thing that stood out to me the most was "This is what democracy looks like". That stood out to me because we were marching and protesting to make sure that women and many other people get and keep the rights that they have and deserve, we were making history! This is an experience I will never forget! As a feminist and a women, I always wanted to make my voice heard and make sure everyone knows that I and other women matter. Women shouldn't have to fight for their rights, we are human too! Women have to stand up and not back down, because we are strong, independent, worthy, and deserving! I want to use my voice to advocate feminism, especially since the devils twin brother somehow is in the White House. I will continue to go to many marches throughout my life, until women have the same rights and opportunities men have!


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