Anne Frank Dilen Patel period 2

Exploring Amsterdam

Van Gogh museum

A museum devoted to Vincent Van Gogh, opened in June 1973. It was designed by Gerrit Rietveld, and the architect was Kisho Kurokawa.

The Secret Annex

The secret Annex was where Anne , her family, and one of her friends stayed for almost 2 years, and they had to keep quiet until late in the day because the annex's water system went through the original front of the house.

Numberg Laws

The Numberg laws were officially made declared in 1935. These laws excluded the Jews from German life as well as taking Jewish rights away.


There are many different types of propaganda. 3 commonly used propaganda's are demonization, patriotic and half-truth. Usually propaganda is used to make people do things that another one wants. The demonization propaganda makes others seem very evil, or very bad ideas about another. Patriotic propaganda uses your country as an item to be proud of and the people/ person will do something for that item. Half-truth propaganda's involve's only telling part of the story or facts and that gives people bad ideas or dives that person to do things with out full understanding.

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