Respiratory System By. TIA

The parts in your Restptory system.

You have many parts in your Restptory system and they are Trachea (windpipe), Bronchi,Lungs,Diaphragm (muscle), Pharynx,Larynx,Oral Cavity (mouth),Nasal Cavity (nose), and the alveolis . There are many of parts to write about the Restptory system.


Location-in you chest

Function-Lungs help you breathe,talk,shout,sing,laugh,cry, and more. They work with the Bairn so you can do all those things.

Care and Portection-To care for your lungs are DO NOT SMOKE and where a mask when using chemical. The ribs will make sure that nothing will hit you lungs.

Fun fact- the lung on the left is a little bit smaller then the one on the right cause the heart is on the right so the left gives the heart room.

Trachea (Windpipe)

Loacation-above your lungs.

Function-it lets air into the Bronchi and lets air into your lungs.

Care and Protection-is the skin around your neck.

Oral Cavity (mouth)

Location-the top of your chin

Function- Lets air into your body

Care and protection- Do not eat rotten food. Your lips protect your mouth so that nothin bad going in when it is not open.

Nasal Cavity (nose)

Location-middle of your face

Function-Lets air into your body

Care and protection-To care for your nose is to not shove thing up it. The portection it those hairs on your nose the make sure that if something bad get in they will catch it.

Diaphragm (muscle)

Location- Under your lungs.

Function- it keeps your lungs up so they will not dangle.

Care and portection- to care for your diaphragm is to not break your ribs , then you can rip yuppie diaphragm. The portection is your ribs.

Location-it is inside your lungs

Function-it lets air into and out of your lungs.

Care and portection- The portetion is the the lungs. To care for your bronchi is to not not smoke because it is inside your lungs and is apart of it too.

Pharynx (throat)

Location-under your head

Function-it helps food get into your body and get the air down to your trachea.

Care and portection- Chew your food good so you won't choke and don't squeeze it. The portection it the muscles and the skin around your skin.


Location-above your trachea.

Function-it helps you talk and is sometimes called a voice box.

Care and portection-don't yell or you can loose your voice. The portection is the muscles and skin around there.

Watch the video on the Pharynx slide.


Location-it is inside your lungs.

Function-they allow oxygen from the air to pass in your blood.

Care and portection-to care for your alveoli is do not smoke. The portection is your lungs.


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