Kenya By: talon jenrette

Kenya is a third world country. It has poor sanitation and poor schooling. However, they have great technology. Kenya also has some beautiful places to go.

Kenya is located in the eastern part of Africa. It is between Somalia and Tanzania.

The capital is Nairobi. It is a big beautiful city.

Nairobi s located 1.2921 degrees south and 36.8219 degrees east.

Kenya is on the continent of africa.

There are plenty of beautiful places in Kenya, such as Mount Kenya, Lake Turkana, and Chalbi Desert. In Chalbi Desert, you can go on tours through the hot, dry desert and view some of the life there in it. After the rainy season, it is like a lake.

Chabli Desert

In Lake Turkana, there is a lot of wildlife. Lake Turkana is a breeding grounds for that wildlife. It also has a quite a bit off fossils there too. Lake Turkana also stretches from Kenya to Ethiopia.

Lake Turkana

Mount Kenya is one of the tallest mountains in Africa, it is the second highest. Mount Kenya used to be an active valcano, which last erupting millions of years ago. Now you can safely visit and know it won't erupt. When visiting g you must pay entrance fees.

Mount Kenya

The wet season is usually March, April, and May. During these months, long rains are almost daily.

The coast is hot and humid year round. But the heat is cooled by the wind.

The dry season is June, July, August, September, and December. During these months, there is hardly any rainfall. These are also the coldest months and least humid.

The countries that border Kenya are Somalia, Tanzania, Uganda, and Ethiopia.

African Map With Kenya

The Indian Ocean is located by Kenya. The Kenyan coast is surrounded by it.

The Indian Ocean



Kenya's theme of place is Africa. Kenya is located in the eastern part of Africa.

Africa has plenty of natural resources. Whcich include limestone, gypsum, zinc and more.

Soda ash

In Kenya, they typically use these resources for

There are many cultural groups in Africa. It is also a very religious and superstitious place. One of the cultural groups are the Turkana. They are around Lake Turkana. Traditional dresses are very important to them. They also seek ornaments to make them more appealing. The women hide their necks with bright colors.

The Turkana

Another cultural group is the Massai. The Massai are a group of nomads who believe that their god Ngai gave them cattle for safe keeping after the earth and sky split. They would steal from other tribes and groups. The eat vegetables and drink milk mixed with blood.

The Massai


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