Sport Specialization By Samuel A. Milberg

Specialization in sports at a young age causes athletes to put too much stress on the same muscles and also takes away from developing other traits. Therefore, if a youth athlete focuses on one sport such as baseball and only pitches then his muscles in his shoulder would be strained or pulled. Another reason, is that saying that you are only going to play one sport could hold you back from finding another sport you might really enjoy. Lastly, with youth athletes after playing the same sport for long periods of time begin to feel burnt out.

Compton Magic wins Adidas AAU tournament after having months of tournaments.

Firstly, athletes who specialize in one sport show signs of repeated injuries after only playing one sport year around. For example, if a youth athlete was outstanding at football he takes private lessons and goes to camps to specialize in football. All of the work spent on football could impact the same muscles with almost no time to recover. Specializing at a young age could also lead to health issues later in life.

Youth basketball player experiencing one of the most common basketball injury

Secondly, specializing in a sport could hold an athlete back from finding another sport he may prefer and may be better at. Therefore, Specialization is not always the best option because it puts your kids future in jeopardy. Therefore, Having youth specialize in youth sports at a young age holds them back from achieving their maximum potential.

Lamelo Ball took the world by storm scoring 92 points in a single game.

Thirdly, Youth athletes who specialize in sports are more likely to burnout or lose enjoyment for what they are doing. This very common with athletes who start their chosen sport at a young age and pursue throughout high school. This is also caused by athletes just figuring out that the sport is not helping them but taking away from other important opportunities.

Laquan Mcgowan goes undrafted after playing football for 12 years.

To conclude, Specializing in sports at a young age can affect you or your kids in away so that your preventing them from achieving their absolute potential. Research shows that specializing in a sport is most effective if they no they have a chance to play at the next level. Therefore, Specializing in sports is not encouraged.


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