Edith Gonzalez

Hi, my friends & family call me Edith or Edie.

Here are a few things about me:

• I'm from Boring, set right between Portland and Mt. Hood, so I go home on any random weekend and do laundry • That also means I'm into hiking at the Gorge - but before it was just to take a selfie • I'm a auntie/godmother to two little girls below (Kam & Kata) and they are the most cherished people in my life • Family is really important to me, and my two older sisters are my best friends. My really love my dogs Tyson and Lily, and my cat Lola. I'm a pet person.

I'm not a photographer but I like to carry around my Nikon, or even with my iPhone and capture moments with my family. My dad once told me that we shouldn't fake a smile, so I try to capture those moments when I can...even my mom creepin' in my dad's fishing photo. I spend a lot of time in Ensenada, Mexico and San Diego so anytime there's palm trees, that's where I'm at. Yet, I actually don't like the sun or warm weather.

What makes me tick?

I dislike when people post on social media every problem and opinion in their life. It's nice to share intimate photos and capstones but including hidden messages or indirects in posts isn't.

What I read:

I don't get the chance to read a novel as often as I would like but i'm constantly reading news and article on these apps or websites. I like getting the NPR alerts on my phone because even if I don't have time to read the entire article I still have an idea to see what's been going on.

What I listen to:

I listen to the craziest variety of music. From Rap, Hip Hop, Latino to Classic Rock and Indie. I'm all over the place. But when I listen, I listen to Spotify, since I'm paying for it.

What I watch:

I'm a binger. I binge watch anything. I almost never study or do homework without having a show or movie on. Sometimes I even shower and watch. Over break I watched Avatar the Last Airbender again after like 10 years. Also, once I finished the entire Grey's Anatomy show in 1 month and then did that again 3x, all in 1 year. Quentin Tarantino is probably my favorite director and Kill Bill my favorite film. My favorite genres are action and comedy. I'm lucky enough to have Hulu, Netflix, and Amazon Prime, so you can imagine how much I watch.

Favorite Artists:

Meek Mill, The Weekend, Miguel, Kendrick Lamar, Arctic Monkeys, The Strokes, The White Stripes. I just enjoy the beat I don'y always listen to the lyric or take anything to seriously.

Time Period:

I'd definitely visit the late '70s. So much was happening and there was so many changes in society going on. My favorite movies are based in the '70s and it just seems like such a big party where everyone was just beginning to let loose.

Dinner Party

I'd have my two sisters, Elizabeth and Karina, and my 17 year-old cousin Melissa (Mel). My actual BFF'S. We just understand each other's humor and there's no doubt it'd be fun. Not the most creative, but whenever we're together, it's just a good f***ing time.

What do I do for fun?

• Go outside and run around • Watch a movie • Go out to eat • Try something new • Go over to my aunt's place • Go hiking • Play with my dogs • Hangout with my sisters • Have a beer with my friends or family • Go to Menchie's with Mel • Go shopping • Pretend to break dance in my roommates room • Watch Wheel of Fortune with my parents •

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