Puppy's to Dog's by:Isabella sandoval

When puppy's are new born they are not active. They sniff around sometimes.Puppy's when they are new born there eyes are closed.They are pretty small. Some of the puppy's are the size of a guinnypig!You can tell how big they get by the size of there paws.They are sleepy and calm.Puppy's nose are also small and red.
When puppy's are about a month or so old they will begin puppy life.They are very active and need chew toys so they won't chew on other things. There teeth fall out about at a year or so old. Until then they have very sharp teeth. At this stage they will not know were to there buissness so they will go in the house.Some puppy's grow curly hair!some puppy's grow so so fast so they are really big! puppy's are very cute. Puupy's are awesome!
When dogs are fully grown they know commands and rarly have acadents. There teeth have fallen out .When they are fully grown they are 3 years old. There new teeth have grown in. They do no longer need chew toys.


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