Professional Activities MA Counseling Team

Dr. Stacee Reicherzer

"Every time and in every way we’ve made to feel different or Other, far from only being a source pain, is also a source of resiliency, clarity, and empathy."

Dr. Stacee Reicherzer presented a workshop entitled “Overcoming Imposter Syndrome as a First Generation College Student” for the SNHU COCE LEADS (Lead, Engage, Achieve, Discover, Succeed) Conference on March 11. She’ll be offering this presentation again as a webinar in June for all students. Details to follow!

Dr. Stacee Reicherzer published two blogs at her website, “Humiliation Haunts Me No More,” and and “Kicking the Habit of Emotional Manipulation." Check out her site:

Dr. Damion Cummins

“When times get tough, reflect on why you wanted to become a counselor and let it shine and guide you.”

Dr. Damion Cummins organized and conducted a support group, "Manchester Mom's with Anxiety and Depression" to local mothers in the Manchester, NH area on March 23. The support group will meet monthly and is open to all mother's struggling with depression and anxiety.

Dr. Hudspeth

"Learn to view the world as if through the eyes of a child. For it is through the eyes of a child that we refuse to see that being different is unacceptable."

Dr. Hudspeth was the keynote speaker at the Georgia Association for Play Therapy’s Annual Conference on March 10th and 11th: His topics were:

  • “Addressing Bullying from a Complex Trauma Perspective by Utilizing Neurobiologically-Informed Play Therapy,” a full-day workshop.
  • “Blending Neuroscience and Creativity to Address Emotional Dysregulation in Children and Adolescents,” a full-day workshop.

Dr. Hudspeth had two presentations at the American Counseling Association Conference in San Francisco, March 17th and March 19th: His topics were:

  • “Navigating Ethical Dilemmas when Working with Military Families,” a 60-minute educational session.
  • “Neuroethical Implications of Utilizing Creativity in Counseling,” a 90-minute educational session.

Dr. Hudspeth was the keynote speaker at the Washington Association for Play Therapy’s Annual Conference on March 25th. His topic was: “The Medication-Maltreatment Collision: Psychopharmacology and Neurobiology for Play Therapists,” a full-day workshop.

Dr. Lotes Nelson

" As in counseling, your transformation from student to counselor is a the process."

Dr. Lotes Nelson conducted a presentation entitled "Carried to the Table: Developing Culturally Competent Care for Eating Disorders," at the 2017 American Counseling Association (ACA). Dr. Lotes Nelson published two newsletters articles as follows:

Dr. Lotes Nelson served at the Licensed Professional Counselor Association of North Carolina (LPCANC) Board of Director meeting in April, where she is the Membership chair for the organization. She also facilitates a monthly meeting with the Membership Committee’s Regional Representatives.

Dr. Nelson attended a number of webinars related to the counseling and counseling education profession, such as the Chi Sigma Iota (CSI) Chapter Leaders Training: Fundraising Your Way, Treatment with Clients of Size: Exploring Weight, Body Image and Counter-Transference Issues)

Dr. Nelson attended a four-hour seminar in Christian-Based Treatment of Eating Disorders

Dr. Nelson engaged in a social change project by making Spring Baskets and delivering to a local Youth Crisis center.

Dr. Nelson joined a “Wake Up for Wellness,” event which is designed to inspire, educate, and break the stigma of talking about and seeking support for mental health issues.

Dr. Nelson was invited as a VIP guest to a treatment facility in South Florida to speak on Eating Disorder related treatment approach.

Dr. Nelson presented at the NBCC Foundation’s 2017 Bridging the Gap Symposium. Her presentation title was “Mental Health Concerns Among Asian-Americans: Understanding and Helping Debunk the Model Minority Idea.

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