A Day in the Life of Ansley Nurkin Vanessa Jodlowski, Signature High school

HSJI student and rising senior Ansley Nurkin begins her day by attending the Arts and Entertainment seminar at the media school, working on a few paragraphs before dismissal. The class was working on a project after seeing a performance the day before, creating various comparisons and reviews.
Ansley and friend Olivia chat as they finish up their work. The class waited for further instruction about the new project they would be receiving.
Ansley and Olivia stroll along campus near Franklin Hall. The two girls were deciding where to head first to conduct a few interviews for their new assignment.
On the way to the art museum after class, Ansley and friend Olivia stop at a statue located to the left of the entrance. Olivia explained that if you stand at one end and whisper, the other person can hear it clearly from the other end and that it was worth an impromptu visit.
Ansley quickly takes a few photos of some artwork that catches her eye as she and Olivia search for a staff member to interview. The Arts and Entertainment class received an assignment to explore campus and formulate some creative story ideas, and the girls thought the art museum would be a great place to start.
Ansley browses some of the journals and pins in a small store within the art museum. She and Olivia finished their first interview and chose to take a short break to shop and buy some snacks before moving on.
Ansley takes a break from her assignments and relaxes on her phone. She and Olivia decided to sit down and grab lunch at Noodles and Co. before returning back to Franklin Hall to make final touches on their project and be done for the day.

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