How They Died By Jada Aguirre and Chloe runia

How Did Some Of The Soldiers Die?

About 2.75 million soldiers fought in the Civil War. By the end of that war there were about 2,130,000 left. That means about 620,000 soliders died in the 4 years all of those soldiers spent fighting for freedom of the slave states, trade, tariffs, and state rights.

Tariffs: Is a tax or duty to be paid on a particular class of imports or exports.

Some soldiers were captured after barely conscious and were brought to prison camps where about 56,000 people died.

Death by Amputation was a big problem in the Civil War. Many soldiers who were injured, had to get an infected body part removed or cared for.

Deaths by Amputation........

  1. 23%- Upper Arm
  2. 2.9%- Hand/ Finger
  3. 57%- Knee
  4. 5%- Foot/ Toe
  5. 25%- Ankle
  6. 54%- Thigh
  7. 83%- Hip Joint
  8. 10%- Wrist
  9. 7%- Elbow Joint

The odds of surviving a wound from being shot, fired at, cut, broken bones, etc was about 7:1.

In 1860, when 2% of their population died from war, 620,000 people would have died. Today, if 2% of our population died from fighting in a brutal war, 6,140,000 people would no longer be part of our population. That is 6.14 million more than twice the population of Chicago.


Death by disease was one of the biggest problems that the Civil War officers and soldiers faced in 1860. About 66.7% of soldiers died from disease.

About 12.5% of the white union population of soldiers died.

About 22% of the black union population of soldiers died.


Created with images by David Paul Ohmer - "Cincinnati – Spring Grove Cemetery & Arboretum "Civil War Canon""

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