Drop a Pin Limited (DAPL)

About DAPL

DAPL specialises in consultancy and delivery of on demand, ride sharing services in the global public transport market. We provide product, service design, technology, operations, business development and strategy consulting services to help our clients to design, procure, test and grow new mobility products and services that integrate with public transport. DAPL consultants are highly experienced senior professionals with direct experience of developing, procuring, operating and growing mobility solutions that integrate with and complement public transport.

Our Vision

At DAPL we firmly believe in the important role that public transport plays in societal, economic, health and climate agendas. Our goal is to increase consumer and business use of public transport by helping organisations work together to introduce integrated demand responsive and new mobility solutions into their public transport networks by sharing knowledge and using tried and tested tools to trial low carbon operational and technical solutions.

Who do we work with?

  1. Local and transport authorities with responsibility for road transport.
  2. Technology start ups with new mobility digital products.
  3. Housing developers seeking innovative transport solutions.
  4. Large consultancies needing specialist support on new mobility projects.
  5. Global transport operators needing Demand Responsive Transport specialist expertise.

Director - Asiya Jelani

After graduation, Asiya spent the early part of her career in PR and marketing before going on to join the transport arm of the NHS, the ambulance service in 2005. Driven by a desire to join a high growth business, Asiya joined Arriva Transport Solutions – a new business set up to undertake non emergency ambulance contracts on behalf of the NHS leading major workstreams to mobilise new ambulance contracts, moving across to become Director of Product & Business Development within the Arriva UK Bus division in 2016. Here, she led the creation and development of an innovative and digitally based product in the on demand transport sector steering delivery of the product roadmap. Described as a ‘game changer’ for the bus industry and winner of three industry awards in 2017 and 2018, the app based product was ideated by bringing together a multi-disciplinary product team, driving forward to creation. Experienced in go to market strategy and successful delivery of complex programme mobilisations. She was responsible for product development, sales and growth, change management and the transformation stakeholder management required to embed new products within a business at every level

Director - Robert Sykes

Robert has worked in the transport industry for 19 years gaining experience across operations, control centres and the technology that powers them. Predominantly in the Healthcare and On Demand elements of passenger transport. Originally supplying developments to improve software, Robert went on to test software implementations and gain in depth and specialist knowledge on how the systems work – for both the customer and the operator. His focus has always been on development and after a successful implementation of automating patient transport Robert moved onto passenger On Demand Transport within one of the largest transport giants in Europe. A fairly young market, Robert has already helped shaped digital offerings to better meet customer requirements and has extensive knowledge and experience of business intelligence, use of personal data and all GDPR requirements, previously acting as Caldecott Guardian in the NHS and GDPR Lead in the private sector.

Multiple successful launches and three industry awards later, Robert believes passionately in helping clients to design, procure and launch their own successful services.

What We Do

Drop a Pin offers a six-step programme from conception through to delivery and growth and will assign a relevant team of professionals to work on each individual project. Clients can choose to follow the full programme or individual steps, depending on their maturity in the market.

Contact Details

Tel: 07854 368498

Email: asiya@dropa-pin.com or enquiries@dropa-pin.com