Gorokan Public School Newsletter - Week 8, Term 3, 2020

Principal's Report

Dear Parents and Carers,

At Gorokan Public School we value technology as a powerful tool for engaging students in their learning and enhancing learning outcomes. We are constantly striving to innovate and embed effective teaching and learning strategies and value daily uninterrupted literacy and numeracy sessions, facilitating this through our creative timetabling and strategic staff organisation.

T4L (Technology for Learning) Recognition

As mentioned previously, our great school will feature on the cover of the next edition of the NSW Department of Education’s T4L (Technology for Learning) magazine for our outstanding use of technology to support remote learning in recent times. Congratulations to our talented team.

Photo: Gorokan Public School features in the latest edition of the Dept’s T4L magazine

Kindergarten 2021

Again, thank you to the parents who have already completed their enrolment forms for students starting school in 2021. I urge all parents to get this done as soon as possible so that school planning can occur to best support our new students.

Our first Kindergarten 2021 information video was shared with the community last week and I sincerely thank those who took the time to view it. If you missed the introductory video, you can access it by clicking on the following link:

Photo: Kindergarten 2021 orientation introductory video

Each week we will be releasing a new information video. This week, Mr Gibbs and I will be talking about the use of technology for learning at Gorokan Public School. The link will be emailed to the parents who have completed the enrolment process and will be shared via the school Facebook page and published on the school website. I have also included the link here for your reference:

Gorokan Public School Virtual Tour

MSP photography has been invited to our school on Friday to film a virtual tour of our great school, primarily to orientate our 2021 Kindergarten students prior to them starting school. We look forward to sharing this with you on its completion.

Public Speaking

Congratulations to the students who recently competed in the Stage Two and Three Multicultural Perspectives Public Speaking competition. Our Stage Two finalists, Lilah and Vienna delivered their virtual speeches to the whole school as feature presentations during last week’s whole school assembly. They were outstanding and we can’t wait for you to hear their speeches after the regional competition has been finalised.

Photo: Public Speaking finalist Vienna D delivering her Words Can Hurt speech
Photo: Public Speaking finalist Lilah M delivering her Words Can Hurt speech

Parent Feedback Opportunity

The school is seeking feedback from the community. I encourage all parents and carers to complete the Partners in Learning online survey at the following link:

The survey will take approximately 15 minutes or less to complete and is completely confidential. This survey will be accessible until Friday 11th September. Your responses are very much appreciated and highly valued in assisting the school in its pursuit of excellence.

Father’s Day

To all our dad’s, grand fathers and significant male carers, I trust you enjoyed a wonderful Father’s Day with your families and loved ones.

Staffing Update

Ms Anderson is now on maternity leave as she prepares for the birth of her baby. We wish her and husband Zac all the very best for this special life event. Mr Johnston will take up the relieving Assistant Principal position for the remainder of the year, supervising and supporting the Stage One team.

Heartfelt condolences are extended to the Everson family for the passing of Mrs Everson’s father last week. Miss Cummins will continue to relieve for Mrs Everson in her absence for the remainder of the term.

Finally, deepest condolences are extended to the Voorwinde family for the loss of Robert Voorwinde, husband of Mrs Voorwinde. Robert will be sorely missed by his family and friends and the Gorokan Public School community, who he often generously supported through his printing and engraving business over the years. We will always remember him when we look at the Honour Board wall which he did.

Together we can make a difference.

Dates to Remember

  • Friday 18th September Whole School Assembly live streamed at 1:00pm
  • Friday 25th September Last Day of Term 3
  • Monday 12th October First Day of Term 4
  • Wednesday 18th November Opportunity Class exam (Stage Two)

Early Stage One

Current Learning

English - The students will be using transport as a stimulus to write informative texts. They will continue to learn the sounds that can be made when we see letters and groups of letters and apply these to their writing.

Kindergarten students displaying informative texts

Maths - The students will be exploring our monetary system and become familiar with the coins and notes available for use in Australia, and how to tell o’clock time using analogue and digital clocks.

Creative Arts - Students are enjoying the variety of art lessons taught each week and producing quality pieces of work.

Early Stage One artwork


Blue Reading Folder - Please return your child’s blue reading folder weekly to borrow new home readers and continue to sign your child’s Term Three home reading card. Students can read a book from home or school, however we strongly encourage your child to read texts from their online PM eCollection. Please return the card to school when your child reaches the milestones indicated.

Celebration of Learning

Class Awards - Congratulations to the following students for receiving class awards this previous fortnight:

  • KJ - Latalea, Lincoln, Noah and Gunkirat Kau
  • KL - Lucas, Annabelle, Mia and Eric
  • KD/T - Taliah, Ethan, Adrian and Ashton
  • KF/L - Aynsley, Ella, Evie and Riley
  • KC - James, Lailahni, Layla and Taitum

Public Speaking Competition - The teachers would like to congratulate the following students for becoming class finalists in the Kindergarten Public Speaking Competition which was conducted at school this term due to COVID-19. We thank all the students for their participation in this competition and encourage them to continue to build upon the skills they have learnt through this experience.

  • KC - Hareem and Haylen
  • KDT - Noah and Harry
  • KFL - Noah, Byron and Kanisha
  • KL - Noah, Lucas and Oliver
  • KJ - Rozie and Ty

We are happy to announce the overall winner for this competition was Harry from KDT and the runner up was Rozie from KJ. It was exciting to watch these brave students deliver such engaging speeches confidently to their peers. Well done to all students.

Mrs D Jeanpierre - ES1 Assistant Principal

Stage One

Current Learning

Our persistent students in Stage One are nearing the end of another term. They have been working hard towards grade, class and individual goals.

Year One and Two students are learning to write imaginative texts this week and will focus on persuasive texts over the following week.

In mathematics, we are learning to identify, make and describe number patterns.

Our geography topic has shifted from Australia to places around the world. Students have been exploring different locations around the world using technology in their learning.


Warm Weather - Spring is here and so is the warmer weather. Please remember to bring your hat and a drink bottle. Please ensure you clearly label your child's belongings.

Celebration of Learning

Celebrations - 2B students have been learning about three-dimensional objects and constructing their own objects using blu-tack and sticks.

2B students displaying their three-dimensional objects

From the teachers and students on Stage One and everyone at Gorokan Public School, we wish Ms Anderson well as she happily awaits the arrival of her first baby.

Mr R Johnston - Relieving S1 Assistant Principal

Stage Two

Current Learning

Konichiwa! Stage Two students are excitedly undertaking study about the country of Japan. As part of our unit on sustainability, we are learning about the sustainable practices employed by the Japanese people. We are researching the climate, land forms and ways of life of the Japanese people and will be using this information to form the basis of some very detailed information reports. We look forward to sharing them with you when we are finished.


Sport - Stage Two sport is held on Wednesdays. We seem to have had a drop in students wearing their yellow sports shirts on sports day as well as appropriate footwear. We ask for your assistance in ensuring that your child wears their sports uniform on Wednesdays.

Celebration of Learning

Congratulations to all of the Stage Two students who have achieved their bronze level and are either well on their way to silver, or have actually already got there! Well done! We are planning a wonderful rewards days activity for Week 10.

Mrs R Ranse - Acting S2 Assistant Principal

Stage Three

Current Learning

Geography - Students have been learning about the​ deforestation of palm oil and the effects of pollution, plastic and global warming.

Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden (SAKG) - Our students continue to have a great time participating in our SAKG program with Mrs King. They have had fun cooking over the past two weeks. The spinach and fetta turnovers, scones, lettuce cups and strawberry drink made from fresh produce from our garden were very tasty. They also love working in the vege garden and collecting eggs from our chooks.

Stage 3 students collecting mulch for the vege garden


School Uniform - Please make sure that your child is wearing the correct uniform to school. We are seeing a lot of branded jumpers and track suit pants being worn. Please ensure jumpers have your child’s name and class clearly written on them.

Mobile Phones - Students bringing mobile phones to school are strongly discouraged. If essential for safe travel to and from school, students must have Principal approval and be signing their mobile phones in at the office at the beginning of the day where it will be locked away, and then signed out at the end of the day. Students are not to use their mobile phones within the school grounds for safety reasons. If you need to communicate and get a message to your child, please phone the office. Please discuss this issue with your child.

Celebration of Learning

Selective High School

  • Daniel M from 6F made it into the 7P class at Gorokan High School
  • Wyatt G made it into the OC class at Wadalba Community School

Our Year 6 students will be sitting the 7C test this week for Gorokan High School.

Class Dojo App - We hope that you are enjoying engaging with the Class Dojo app and that you are using it to track how your child's day has been. A reminder that teachers will not respond to messages sent via this app. Please phone the school if you wish to speak to your child's teacher.

Mrs K Day - S3 Assistant Principal

Special Education

Current Learning

English - K-6G have been learning about narrative writing. They really enjoyed participating in a Kahoot! Quiz to see what they have learned.

K-6G enjoying Kahoot!


Student Absences - Please remember, if your child has been away from school please send in a note to their teacher on their return. It is a legal requirement that notes are received within seven days of a student’s absence. The note must state the dates your child was absent and the reason for the absence. If your child will be absent for more than two days please contact the school by phone or via the school app to let us know.

Celebration of Learning

  • During Grade Gathering this week, we had many students receive rewards for their great behaviour and learning. They are as follows: Rayner D, Kaia L, Mallee S, Johnny C, Tyson C and Sienna O.

Mrs S Crook - Deputy Principal Student Wellbeing

School and Community Centre News

Central Coast Schools as Community Centres Facebook page CCSaCC Facebook supporting children transitioning to school in 2021. All live sessions are recorded and can be accessed later if you miss the live session.

Transition to School Sessions are held on Wednesdays at 11:00am

  • Transition to School Session Four
  • Let’s talk language, screen-time & routines!

Yerin Eleanor Duncan Aboriginal Health sessions are held on Wednesdays at 11:30am

  • Yerin Eleanor Duncan Aboriginal Health Transition to School Session Two
  • Health checks and obtaining Immunisation records

Interrelate Live workshops are held on Mondays at 11:00am to hear their expert tips and advice.

  • 14th September: Transition to High School
  • 21st September: Aboriginal Building Connections
  • 28th September: Building Resilience in Children
  • 5th October: Self-care for Parents.

SaCC Term 3 regular program parenting courses and speech group (all free and online)

  • Monday: Little Learners, Baby Massage;
  • Tuesday: Mother Goose/Baby Play;
  • Wednesday: Kids on the Move, Transition to School, Talkers Storytime (Speech);
  • Thursday: Busy Beats, and
  • Friday: Little Thinkers group, Talkers Play Pals (Speech).

Information: Phone Liz McMinn, SaCC Facilitator Gorokan Public School on 0467760712

Parenting Ideas