the franks By: Jenny Quiroz

The Franks

King Clovis once said “My desire,” said he, “is that the Franks shall have possession of every part of this fair land. I shall drive the Romans and their friends away and make Gaul the empire of the Franks.” (Haaren)

The Franks, notable by their military expertise leadership, conquered most other Germanic tribes and established supremacy in western and central Europe. Dominating present-day northern France, Belgium, and western Germany, the Franks established the most powerful Christian kingdom of early western Europe.

Why is this important: Because the Franks had a large empire they had more land to improve the quality of life for the everyday person trying to survive in Europe following the fall of Rome. The empire was able to control a large amount of land and the fact that they were able to maintain protection to all the people of all people shows the would be able to improve and stabilize the Romans lives.

Fearing defeat, Clovis appealed to the Christian God and prayed "For I have called on my gods, but I find they are far from my aid...Now I call on thee. I long to believe in Thee. Only please deliver me from my enemies."tides shifted and they won.
King Clovis

After, Clovis and 3000 of his warriors asked a bishop to baptize them causing the church in Rome to welcome Clovis support his military campaigns against other German people. This alliance between Clovis and the church, two extremely powerful sources, further united the people.

As John H. Haaren (John Henry) said in Famous Men of the Middle Ages, "The greatest of all these kings was Chlodwig, or Clovis, as we call him, who became ruler of his tribe in the year 481...Clovis was then only sixteen years of age. But though he was so young he proved in a very short time that he could govern as well as older men. He was intelligent and brave."

How will King Clovis provide a good life for the people: Because Clovis constructed a strong alliance with the church, he united his people and created a stronger bond with the most powerful source.

artists developed a rich decorative vocabulary and were concerned primarily with the surface design.

Artists also favored abstraction and geometric patterning and their art consisted mainly of small-scale metalwork (in jewelry and brooches) that survives only from grave finds and written descriptions.

Why is this important: This is important to the people because the variety of different artwork creates different jobs for everyone. Resulting in improving the quality of their lives and creating more opportunities.

Significance of the military: The Franks pulled people into their military and incorporated more people therefore making them feel united and important. This further united Europe. Clovis' name itself meant 'glory by combat' for his success in battles.
All coins were stamped and made metal to make trade easier and more efficient.

The Franks dominated trade routes and were a crop based group.

Why is this important: Trade routes are a massive factor in improving the quality of life because an empire on their own does not have the resources or the capacity to satisfy their needs. With trade they will have the resources they need and get rid of what they have too much of.

"One of the most powerful units of the Frankish army Read" says Albert Kretschmer in article The was the Franks who developed the concept of the knight and the feudal system. The Frankish army was a heavily armored cavalry, these soldiers became known as knights. \Knights were awarded land for their service at war. This led to the development of the feudal system. The land was divided up among knights or lords and In return for the land, the knights pledged to fight for the king. This land was known as a fief and both the land and the title of knight were often inherited by the oldest son.

A word to fully describe Charlemagne's rule would be stability. th Charlemagne devoted his reign to blending Roman past, the Germanic way of life, and Christianity into one kingdom and by doing this, he secured a foundation in which European society would develop.

Frankish society was completrly rural and was composed of three classes:the peasants, those who work and those who fight and lastly the clergy - those who pray. At the upper level were the clergy. They were the most educated and the only people who understood Christianity since they were the only people who had access to the Bible. It was the clergy who held possession on knowledge, religious beliefs, and religious practice.

Why is this important: Because the Frankish society had the different social classes, it created structure and organization for the people. This helps in order to function and create stability.


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