Good Life Performance Spark Story Madeline Howerin

Spatial Experience

My first impression of the inside of the theater was oddly enough that it was beautiful. In the center of the stage was a stained glass window that i thought was incredibly pretty and even the actual house section of the theater was just a pleasing place to be because it was so grand. I consider myself to be very lucky when it comes to my seating for the performance, as it was very close to the side door that the cast would use to enter the house and walk among the audience. I saw a few of the actors up close and made eye contact. It was very cool to feel as though i wasn't just idly watching the play but rather in it in some way. Once the play began, snow began to fall behind the wndow prop and it gave a feeling of wonder. Place is important to the good life becasue it affects your mood, as it has the ability to affect how you feel, whether or not you are cofortable or even allured.

The Social Experience

I actually did not plan to attend the performance with anyone simply because I did not know anyone who was going the same day. While I was standing outside the box office I decided I could either awkwardly stand by myself for the next half hour or I could awkwardly introduce myself to a group of people; the introduction lasting only thirty seconds, I chose to make friends. While waiting in line and at intermission we talked and made jokes and it made the experience more enjoyable to not be stuck inside my own head for the entire night. It was also very helpful to talk through some of the plot elements and be able to pose questions to each other about the situations. Sharing experiences can only enrich your life because you are able to bounce ideas off of each other to create a more rounded perspective.

The Cultural and Intellectual Experience

This play takes place in Quebec in the early twentieth centuries. The subject matter of the play was incredibly dark. It concerned poverty, child labor, and molestation, among other things. The central issue is the mental effects that prolonged molestation had on Talbot and how that, in turn, affected Talbot's family. I suppose I had some inkling about child molestation committed by clergy members, and of course about child labor. However, seeing it dramatized and actively affecting the characters of the play actually put a face to it.. I'm thankful that I do not see a lot of the play in my own life, or at least the terrible parts. I see semblances in the family that sacrifices everything to give one member a better life, and the disappointment that Michaud has when his friend refuses to leave the abusive cycle. We have many instances of the atrocities presented in the play just the same as there are in Canada, and the play demonstrates that this issues are international.

The Emotional Experience

This performance was an emotional roller coaster. I would be lying if i did not say that int he first half I was not very moved or interested. However by the end of the play I found myself crying. Profusely. I was very upset, and slightly embarrassed of myself. While Talbot's actions towards the end were extremely disappointing, there certainly was cleansing, or katharsis, feeling. Michaud left the system he believed in because of the circumstances and moved on to the theater, using that platform to expose the abuse. But we lost so much to get to that point, not at least the life of Leo Talbot and the recovery of Talbot himself. Talbot's mother arguably lost all of her children by the end of the play. Even though I believe I pulled myself together for my picture outside the theater, the effect the play had on me was immense, and sad does not begin to describe the feeling.

Cardy, Jonathan. Stained glass windows in Lincoln Cathedral, the east window, with 19th century glass by Ward and Nixon. 2013. Wikimedia. Online Image. 3 Feburary 2017.

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Howerin, Madeline. "Lobby Before" 2017. Jpeg.

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Howerin, Madeline. "Outside Constans After" 2017. Jpeg.

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