The Onsw Resort The best resort in the universe!

The Onsw resort is a unique, once in a lifetime experience for a amazing vacation on another planet! The Onsw resort has fun activities for everyone! We have a wide assortment of activities from getting exercise by playing your favorite sport, to relaxing at a soothing spa. So come to Onsw, and have the time of your life!

The Ride To Onsw

You will be taken to Onsw, in a sleek, new, safe spaceship. On the ship, you can meet new people, play games in our grand video game collection, read books from our fabulous library, and relax in free, soothing massage chairs. Also, we offer free informational classes about your trip. Whatever you like to do, you will love the ride to Onsw!

Climate and Atmosphere

Onsw is a fun, and snowy planet with lots of trees. The terrain is mostly flat, with the exception of a large mountain TWICE the size of Mount Everest. This mountain is called Everest 2.0. Our average temperature is around 15 degrees Fahrenheit every day, and we have around 1 inch of beautiful snowfall daily. Our planet unfortunately does not have any oxygen, but we have stylish, comfortable, self fitted space suits, that will supply you with enough oxygen for any task. Onsw has a perfect climate and atmosphere for your vacation.


Here at Onsw, our spacesuits are extremely comfortable and extraordinarily flexible. In our suits you are able to go outside and move as comfortably as you would on Earth. In every hotel room there is an oxygen pump that you simply affix to your suit and refill your oxygen supply. The tanks on our suits are able to hold up to 5 hours worth of oxygen while being as light as a feather. At Onsw resort we have amazing space suits.

Delicious Food

The Onsw Resort has delicious food such as, fried rice, steak, burgers, and much more! Onsw has plenty of healthy choices. Vegetables, fruits, dairy, meat, and carbohydrates are all available at Onsw. At Onsw Resort you can enjoy food brought to your room, or at one of the many restaurants you can find at our resort. At Onsw resort you can enjoy whatever food you want where ever you want it.

Refreshing Water

The water that we serve at Onsw is freshly filtered water made from the purest snow. Our robots are specially programmed to collect the cleanest snow and bring it to our facilities. Once there the snow is melted into water, which is then processed through high quality filters. After the filtering process is complete the water is bottled and pumped to our hotels and domes for your enjoyment. Our water at Onsw is very fresh.


At the Onsw Resort you will stay in a room that will be fit to your lifestyle. Your room will be set up before you get to Onsw just the way you ask for it. The basic room will have a bathroom, a queen bed, and a flat screen TV with information about your trip and a selection of fun video games to play while you relax in the comfort of your room. Your room and the whole hotel is powered with Nuclear energy straight from our uranium mines that give light and energy to our whole hotel. You will have clean tap water in your room too. At Onsw resort there is a room that will be fit just for you.


At Onsw Resort there is lots of fun in store for you. You can ski or snowboard down the bottom of Everest 2.0 in double gravity making you faster, and more qualified to go down steeper slopes. Also you can hike or sled at our great mountain. Inside at our resort you will find indoor sports gyms for playing tennis and basketball, An amazing casino for if you're feeling lucky, and a high tech video game room including virtual reality. Don't forget if you need to relax we have hot tubs, a spa, and a movie theater showing movies from your home planet earth. At Onsw Resort you will never get bored.

The best resort in the universe

In conclusion, the Onsw Resort is a unique, once in a lifetime experience on another planet. If you come to Onsw Resort we'll make sure you leave happily. We have amazing food, rooms, entertainment options, spacesuits, and a great ride there . So come to Onsw, and have the time of your life at the best resort in the universe!

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