Chthonic Capulets By Lord Capulet

There was a fight today in town. The Montague serving man started it. My servants were just walking, when the Montague serving men decided to start a fight. My serving men were very loyal however, and fought to reserve the honor of the Capulet name. Then that Montague Benvolio tried to join in the fight, but Tybalt took care of him.

Pretty soon Old Montague and his wife showed up. I heard about this soon after that, so my wife and I came to see what was going on. It didn't take long for the prince to show up too. He declared that the next person to fight in the streets of Verona would be executed. He doesn't understand that we would be dishonoring our name by backing down from a fight with a Montague.

"The blade will hurt but it can't bring you down to the floor; your fate is in your hands."

Today Paris came to me requesting to marry Juliet. Paris is wealthy and comes from a good family. He would make a great husband and I know I would take great care of my daughter. However, Juliet is only fourteen years old, and I don't feel that she is ready for marriage. I put a lot of thought into this decision because i want what is best for Juliet.

I told Paris that if Juliet agrees to marry him, he has my blessing too. This is a very important decision, and I want Juliet to make that decision. I do not believe that Juliet is ready for marriage yet though. I am confident that Juliet will not agree to marry Paris. By letting Juliet decide whether or not she will marry Paris, he will not be mad at me when Juliet says no to him. I think this is the best decision for everyone.

"Love Has Its Reasons That Reason Knows Not"

I hosted a party today for some of my closest friends. It was a masquerade ball. After talking with Paris before, I invited him too. I already know that Juliet will not agree to marry him. I thought he could look for someone else. I don't know if he found anyone, but I hope he did.

Tybalt discovered that Romeo was attending my party. Romeo is the son of Old Montague. Tybalt was furious, and wanted to fight Romeo right then. He thought Romeo was mocking us and being disrespectful by showing up to my party. But I remembered what the Prince said after the last fight between our families. Although Tybalt insisted that I allow him to confront Romeo, I would not allow Tybalt to do something with such severe consequences. Besides, I will not allow a well-mannered guest to be insulted in my home.

"Show respect even to people who don't deserve it; not as a reflection of their character, but of yours."

Tybalt got into a fight with Romeo and Mercutio. One of the citizens of Verona witnessed the fight, and came to me to deliver the news. The citizen even took a video of the fight, which i have posted below. Tybalt bravely went to confront Romeo about attending the party at my house, as Tybalt believed that was an insult to our family. Romeo cowardly declined the fight. Mercutio thought that he could uphold the Montague name by fighting Tybalt, but Tybalt stabbed him, killing him. Tybalt was always great with a sword, and Mercutio should have known he couldn't defeat Tybalt.

Remembering what the prince had said not long ago about the next person to get into a fight, Tybalt fled, but soon courageously came back to finish what he started. Tybalt was a very talented fighter, but Romeo got lucky. Tybalt triped was killed in the fight. I wanted the prince to stand by what he said, and have Romeo executed, but he declared that because Mercutio was also dead, Romeo would get to live. He is only banished from Verona. Being banished isn't even a Punishment. Romeo can go anywhere else in the world and live his whole life! Tybalt will never get to do that. Tybalt was a very loyal and proud member of the Capulet family, and will greatly missed.

I have agreed to let Paris marry Juliet. I know she is morning the loss of her cousin Tybalt, as is the rest of the family. I think we all need something good to happen right now to help everyone deal with the loss of Tybalt. A wedding is the perfect thing. I told Paris that they will be married on Thursday. I am about to go upstairs to tell Juliet the great news.

I went upstairs to talk to Juliet, and you'll never believe what she said. She said she will not marry Paris! She is ungrateful and disrespectful! We thought we were lucky when we had her, but she was really a curse! I found her a great husband. He is wealthy, he comes from a great family with a respected name, and he would protect her. He's too good for her and yet he wants to marry her anyway. I told her that if she is not at the church on Thursday she is no longer my daughter, and she should never look at me again!

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