Donald Trump On climate change

Donald Trump has expressed his views on climate change time and time again; never failing to voice his conspiracy theories. During his Miami Herald interview he explains that clean water and clean air is important to him, but goes on to say that climate change is a mere hoax "created by and for the Chinese" and is just meant to hurt our energy companies. However, he recently admitted that he believes that there is "some connectivity" on climate change and human activity. Although he has stated this, it isn't stopping his plans to revive the coal industry as an effort to bring back domestic jobs.

He also voices his beliefs on Twitter, his favorite outlet.

Donald Trump appointed former Oklahoma attorney general, Scott Pruitt, E.P.A administrator. In the past, Pruitt filed at least 12 lawsuits challenging environmental protections. Despite the fact that 97% or more of climate scientists believe climate change is real and is linked to human activity, a year ago he wrote that, scientists studying climate change "continue to disagree" about whether or not climate change is real. Though during his hearing, he disagreed with Trump's belief that climate change is a hoax. However, he went on to accuse the federal regulators of overestimating the amount of air pollution caused by energy companies.

In my opinion, I think both Donald Trump and Scott Pruitt are using public office to help their companies and businesses. Pruitt has ties to oil companies and by their statements I am convinced that there's a conflict of interest. It's a dangerous thing for our nation when our leaders care about their self-interests more than the interests of the people. Of course, there is a chance that that may not be the case, but the Trump administrationhas made it clear that there will be little to nothing done. They have no intention to commit to fixing our environmental issues. Trump is so fixated on right now, short term solutions. How do you provide jobs for the American people? Bring back the industrial era. Yes, it may be a solution for now, but he's not thinking about long term solutions or how it will affect the future. For one, factory jobs in general are harmful not only for the environment, but for the workers as well. Especially, if he pushes for deregulation.

One bill in the works is to have congress be more involved in passing regulation. This bill would prevent federal agencies from allowing any major rule to take effect without congressional review.

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