W/C 03/04/2017

Wednesday 5th

Today I tried to make a Boss Health bar appear on the HUD, so the player knows how much life the boss has left before he dies. I also made a God Mode for my game, just for me. So i can get to places in my level without moving the spawner. With the Boss health bar, it was hard to do because I had to use the cast node in Unreal. I have used the cast node before, but not casting between two actors, so i asked Jason and he couldn't help me so he told me to have a look on google for Casting to Actors. I couldn't find anything to help me. So i might have to re-think the Boss Health bar. If i was going to correct this I would maybe redesign the Bosses health function. The 'God' mode was simple, I just added flight and disabled collision while a key was being pressed. This will only be used by me.

The Widget_Hud Blueprint where I'm trying to cast, it should be so simple but i can't figure out how to do it.

Thursday 6th

Today, i added in Jamie's new sprites which were the boss and boss projectiles and also the background. I added in the 'tainted' part of the forest, and tried to add in a seamless change of background I think that it could of went a little better, because there are some parts where i can clearly see the change in colours. It also took me a while to do. I had a sudden thought to add in the tainted part of the forest so i opened up photoshop and tried to use the gradient tool. If i would have told jamie what i wanted to do with the game, if he would have done it, it would have turned out a lot better. The reason why i had the idea to change the colours of the background were because i had just recently started playing terraria and i liked the way the colours changed in it. The game is also centered around a weakening enchanted forest so i thought it would be nice if the background changed when you entered and dead part of the forest. Today i also added in the soundtrack what Jamie made on a online composing site. Tomorrow I will add in some more sprites and build up the levels more.

This is the beginning of the Background transforming. As you can see it is beginning to get a darker shade of blue Which shows that the character is going into the tainted part of the forest.

This is when the player goes into the 'tainted' part of the level. It goes all dark and purple and the trees change colour. I would have liked if Jamie, would have made the background change as he would have made it a lot better than i would. But i didn't see the need for Jamie to deviate from more important sprites.

Friday 7th.

Today i edited the main menu to have a quality option, So all the functionality is there for when Jamie makes his own custom buttons for the game. I also added in a new enemy, it has the same patrolling system as the bat in my game, so i duplicated the blueprint and changed over the sprites. Today i also have changed the way my particle system works so it has a rotation, so now i can have the particle system be so it is blades of grass, not dust. The new enemy that i created was an old sprite of Jamies, I've added in a projectile which comes out of its mouth. For the moment i have a basic sprite as a placeholder. I need Jamie now to make a mouth animation for the boss and some more sound. I've also added in some more sprites which make the environment a lot better like skulls. I've done alright in this lesson as there were no major obstacles what i had to overcome, like on Wednesday. Where i had to try and overcome the casting to actor problem, but failed. Next time i will have to try and put all the environment and enemies in for the other two levels. I would also like to make more enemies which have more harder AI. like an enemy what finds your position and hunts you whilst your in a specific area.

(Left) Main Menu with the Quality Settings (Right) New Enemy just shot projectile

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