Environmental Club WASTE AUDIT

The Environmental Club sorted through over 100 pounds of classroom trash and recycling...
We found a lot of normal things (paper, coffee cups, etc.), but we also found some weird things.
With paper waste making up over 85% of our recycling, paper seems like an easy target for waste reduction.
MAKE AN ESTIMATE: How much standard copy paper have high school teachers, staff and students already used this school year?

So far this school year, we have used....

To put that in context...

That would be enough paper to print the entire works of William Shakespeare in 12 point font... 300 times.
That would be enough paper to give a program to each attendee at Woodstock.
Laid end-to-end, the paper would span the width of Rhode Island... Twice.
If all of those pages were laid side-by-side, they could cover all of Disney World.
Or the entire isle of Manhattan... Twice.
It would weigh as much as 150 Velociraptors!
And would make a stack as tall as Niagara Falls!
That's as tall as 25 Nicks!

So what can we do?

  • Presentations, worksheets, notes and other resources can all be digital.
  • Use an LMS like Haiku, or just E-mail resources to students!
  • If you're printing a long document, decrease margins and font size.
  • Make sure you are printing and copying double-sided.
  • Save and use scrap paper!
  • Enter our "Green Classroom" competition.

What is the Environmental Club going to do?

  • Hold a contest for teachers to "green up" their teaching.
  • Reward students who keep their iPads charged.
  • Keep tracking paper use throughout the school.
  • Raise awareness about the results of our waste audit.


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