Cleopatra The last pharaoh

Cleopatra Was Born During 69 B.C

Cleopatra Died During The 30 B.C Period. Many People Say She Died On August 12th.

1. Cleopatra Could Speak Seven Languages, Including Greek and Egyptian

2.Cleopatra Claimed To The Reincarnation of The Egyptian God Isis

3. Cleopatra Had Three Husbands And Had Four Children

4. Cleopatra's Name In Egyptian Means " A Queen Of Egypt "

5. She Is And Isn't Egyptian ( She was born in Egypt but she traced her family origins to Macedonian Greece )


1. Cleopatra Was Living In Rome At The Time Of Caesar Assassanation

2. When We Refer To The Eighth Month As "August" We Are Celebrating The Death And Defeat Of Cleopatra

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