Digital Portfolio By: Tayler Whitaker 3rd period

In this still life the best part of this piece is the fabric in the back. I think this because I like the color. The change that I would make to improve this piece is I would try to add more contrast.
In this one jar still life the best part is how the jar is drawn, however; there isn't enough contrast in my opinion.
In this self portrait the highlights are the best part. Though I would redraw the eyes to make it better since they are not even.
In this landscape the best part is the color in the grass and trees. To improve this piece I would add more detail.
In this piece the shapes look nice, but it needs to be shaded darker.
The best part about this piece is that it is smooth and it works. Though the lid doesn't fit all the way on the pot.
The best part of this piece is it looks good, but it could have been bigger and I could fix the handle to improve it.
In this piece the best part is how it turned out like I wanted it to. If I were to improve it I would fix the spots where its quite blotchy.

My favorite piece is the print that I recently did because I liked how they turned out.

My least favorite piece is the slice and diced because it looks bad.

Looking at my work, I would say that my overall strengths as an artist is painting because I can use darker colors.

Looking at my work I would say that my weaknesses as an artist is that I don't shade dark enough.

If I could go back to the beginning of the semester and offer myself one piece of advice I would tell myself to work harder on the art pieces.

Looking at my body of work, the grade that I think I deserve for the semester is a B. I think this because though my art might not look the best sometimes I do try.

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