Earthquake Facts and Tips By: Melanie Contreras

How to know you are having an earthquake:

Watch the news on tv or just watch tv for any warning.

Play outside to see if you can feel any shake.

Also you can know if somethings on your counter are falling and bouncing around or shaking and moving.

What to do during an earthquake:

Turn off all the electricity and propane tanks and stay with your family and/or pets and be helping to get you family safe.

This is a propane tank.

If you are in an earthquake you should follow these steps and tips.


1. Get everyone in two or more groups

2. Tell one group to turn off all the electricity

3. Then tell another group to shut off all the propane tanks

4. Then go somewhere safe with the two groups

5. Find something to eat if you don't have anything


When your in an earthquake your house may be damaged or destroyed. If you have a dog you should keep it with you the whole time because you might lose your dog and never find it unless she/he comes back or if you try to find her/him you could find your dog hiding or with someone else.

When your in an earthquake you have to be safe or you can get hurt. If you have a tent you can camp in your backyard if your house is damaged or destroyed.

Helpful tools:

Bandana (for cuts)


Quake Book By: Joe Cottonwood


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