Pulaski Village

Five issues in my local government.

  1. What makes Pulaski stand out* Their goal is to find what's different about Pulaski that makes it stand out.
  2. Use of the parks* They discuss what they want for the parks. For example for baseball they will need their dugouts to be repainted. Our government is handling the use of the parks great, because they are doing what they can, and are putting decent amount of money into the parks. I agree with how they are handling this situation because they are very good at making our parks look nice and newer. The only issue is the amount of space they have for all the sports. If I were them I would just put a little more money into the amount of land they have for the park, so that they can have more feilds. The good news is that our high school is working on making new baseball diamonds and soccer fields in the near future.
  3. Golf carts on village* They would need an ordinance to allow golf carts on Village Street's.
  4. Operater/Bartender License* Their license applications need to be approved by the police chief, Receipt of certification of schooling if Applicable, and to follow Pulaski ordinances.
  5. Clothing allowance* They want to modify the clothing allowance for public waters.

Address to town hall* Village of Pulaski 585 E Glenbrook Dr. Pulaski Wisconsin 54162

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