The Strength of Friendship By: Julia Maymon/ Ft. Brianna Matte and Madi Goulet

Me, Madi and Brianna in 5th grade.

Not only did first grade start one of the best schools years but it also started one of my most valuable friendships. On the first day of first grade it was a whole new experience for me and I was nervous that I would not know anyone. I remember the exact day, when I got off the bus, walked into school and got into the line for Mrs. Rao’s class. I remembered most of the kids from the year before but there were also a lot of new faces. One of the new faces was Brianna Matte. As soon as we met we became best friends and were inseparable. First grade taught me a lot of lessons like how strong a friendship can be.

Everyday Brianna and I would sit together at lunch and after lunch we would always play together on the playground. One day, after lunch we ran to the playground as usual and got in line to go on the monkey bars. Everyone who was on the monkey bars were playing a game where one person would hold onto the bars then fall and someone would catch them. Brianna and I wanted to do it so when it was are turn Brianna jumped on the bars and fell. I caught her and I wanted to do it too so I jumped on the monkey bars and Brianna went on the side of me to catch me when I fell. I let go and fell to the ground. At first I was shocked that she did not catch me. Everyone thought it was funny and started laughing. Looking back now I probably would have laughed too but that's not what I did. I got so mad at Brianna and yelled “I can’t trust you anymore!”

After that day our friendship fell apart not just because she dropped me, but also since we had different friends. A few months later I told her that I forgave her for dropping me and we made up but our friendship was not like it was before and we were not as close. We did not sit together at lunch anymore or play together at recess.

Four years passed and it was the first day of fifth grade. I was not as nervous this time because I knew that I had friends there. I got to school and I recognized every person, except one girl. At lunch I invited her to sit with me and my friends and she did, her name was Madi. Madi and I started to get closer and eventually were best friends.

One day, Madi asked me if I knew someone named Brianna Matte. I said, “Yeah me and her were friends in first grade but became less close over the years.” A couple weeks later Madi invited me over for a sleepover and was excited, but Brianna was going too. I went anyways, hoping to become best friends with Brianna again and that is exactly what happened. It was like first grade again! Madi, Brianna, and I were probably the closest three friends in our whole school. We had so many sleepovers and hung out so much. I am so thankful for Madi because if it was not for her, Brianna and I probably would never have become best friends again.

These years have taught me the value and strength of a friendship. Also through this experience I learned that you have to forgive people in order to rebuild a friendship. Throughout the years of elementary school Brianna and I’s friendship was much like a roller coaster ride, we had our ups and downs but in the end we stuck together and made-up. As of now Madi, Brianna and I are still best friends. If I had never forgiven Brianna we would probably be in the same position as first grade and we would never have been friends.

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