World Meditation Day / Ieva Vasiliauskaite / 21 May / 17.00 CET F E S T I V A L / 2 0 2 1

All over the world people are becoming aware of the needed evolution of humankind. We strive towards it in all areas of life, but today we set the goal to the awakening of the human consciousness. This means to realize your own true nature, as the source of light and start using your mind, instead of the other way around. We come together to honor the strive towards awakening and beyond. From giving school Ieva Vasiliauskaite will be our guide for meditation and satsang.

Stillness is a basic element of practical Knowledge transmitted in the School. Knowledge is passed through the Stillness conducted by the teacher, “from heart to heart”. The energy of stillness is present everywhere, it is also known as Life energy or Light. Everything appears and continues in it. Stillness cannot be described in words, but it can be felt. Stillness has different names in people’s minds, but you’ll define it easily. In the process of learning, transmission of Stillness stands behind every word, action or thought. While practicing, a person opens up to the pure perception of the Stillness energy and releases all sorts of ideas about himself and the world.

Regular practice helps to reach the state of Awakening, in which one discovers a source of stillness within. In connection with the Source one overcomes the hidden barriers that prevent immersion into the flow and comes to full Enlightenment.

Ieva Vasiliauskaite, Givin School instructors will conduct this magic practice for you. This multicomponent practice will enable you to reach the stillness within.


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