Our Endless War By Whitechapel

Our Endless War

2014 | Metal

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"While we still have liberty, lets take back our justice for all. — We can march at sundown upon capitol hill, we're calling you out."


  • The album hit #10 on Billboard 200, #2 on Top Rock Albums, #1 on the Hard Rock Albums & #2 on the Independent Albums chart.
  • Whitechapel is named after the area in London where the Jack The Ripper murders were perpertrated.
  • Deathcore...apparently Death Metal wasn't heavy enough...


Luke Tatum

A rousing call to reject the warfare state. If we refuse to go and die, the gears will grind to a halt. Here's a (heavy) invitation to refuse to comply.

Sherry Voluntary

While I appreciate the sentiment of this song, several times it mentions “we are the government” and the unity that “we” should have. I remember when I used to share this sentiment, and the disappointment and dismay I felt that “we” couldn’t just come together and change things. Since becoming a libertarian I have come to understand that there is no “we the people,” and “we” are not the government. It sounds nice and it’s a good manipulation tool for politicians to keep people sentimentally tied to the Federal Government rulers. In reality though, believing that the over 300 million people of the U.S. can magically forget all of their differences politically, culturally, religiously, and come together for a common goal is a fantasy. Even if that were to miraculously happen somehow, what would “we” do with it. How would “we” come to a consensus on how that government would work. What’s more, if “we are the government” then any crime or injustice done to someone by the government is actually done by consent of the one who has been victimized. Murray Rothbard in his great book Anatomy Of The State, lays it out beautifully.

“If “we are the government,” then anything a government does to an individual is not only just and untyrannical but also “voluntary” on the part of the individual concerned.

If the government conscripts a man, or throws him into jail for dissident opinion, then he is “doing it to himself” and, therefore, nothing untoward has occurred.”

The best way to have good governance is to end The State and it’s coercive and violent monopoly on power. Succession, and subsidiarity, so that people can organize in smaller groups that can provide good governance according to the needs of their community is the way to go. There is no valid replacement that provides the utmost freedom for people other than bottom up rule starting with the individual.

Nicky P

Appropriate that you would begin any song about the evil of the military with that most tribal of sounds, the marching drum. The lyrics are farcical in nature. Tongue in cheak perversions of the bullshit the state feeds us. I'm not a big fan of the all screaming heavy shit, but I can get behind any song with a message like this. I would like to point out that this was released in 2014 when so many leftists had moved on and given Obama the pass because he seemed like a "leader" and had that salesmans polish...oh wait this song isn't about war in that sense? Shit. Reading...reading...reading. Wow! A song about calling people together about marching on capital hill to take back freedom while we still have enough freedom to? Now that's even better. Sorry I couldnt help but squeeze in how fucked up the military industrial complex is. Still the talk about how misled and willfully ignorant the masses are is definitely a better message, though I'm not sure who might be open to recieving it, especially in the metal crowd. I know it's loud but give it a spin. If any idea deserves a seething rage being screamed out for all to hear, rebellion against our kings in Washington is certainly it.

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Nicky P

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