French Revolution Article

Louis XIV

During the 1700's, France was the cultural capital of Europe. During this time frame, King Louis XIV was the most powerful king in all of Europe. When he died, Louis XV took his place as king. Ruling France as absolute Monarchs. As time passed, political and economic issues took place, resulting in the French Revolt. This was unfair because of the unequal social hierarchy that made up of three classes. (1: clergy, owned 10% of land. 2: Nobility, owned 20% of land. 3: Commoners, which this class alone paid 50% of the taxes.)

3 Estates

Along after the American Revolution, the third estate began to demand democracy, equality, and liberty in France. The social tensions didn't exactly help, instead it made things worse by growing a financial crisis in the 1770's & 1780's. Because of lavish spending, expensive wars, and poor economic planning, the French government faces a massive debts. This economic crisis continued, citizens faced starvation without food. Louis XVI then failed to work with the National Assembly so problems continued. In fear of Frances revolutionary ideas caused Austria and Prussia assembled to restore Frances absolute monarch. All though it seemed as if the French Revolution was a failure, in the year 1799 it appeared legal by the year 1815. France, bourgeois and land owning classes had then emerged as the dominant power

The reign of terror!

Desperate times call for desperate measures. After the first few years of the French Revolution, France most definitely came across their desperate time. In 1792 the government was once again overthrown. The King was still held behind bars, also the decisions for the wars in Austria and Prussia were not made wisely. Now the purpose of Terror was designed to fight the enemies of the revolution, to prevent counter-revolution from gaining ground.

The head chopping Galuitine

It was so dangerous to even speak critically of the revolutionary Government. A man and his family could be sent to the Guillotine for speaking wrongful. This time was a period of violence that occurred after the onset of the French Revolution, incited by conflict between two rival political factions, the Girondins and Jacobins. Which both were fighting for power. the Girondins were less radical and became arising power in 1791. During this time the group hoped to pass legislation allowing all blacks equal freedoms (The United States was a was some what behind or in on this act). The group also wanted to go to war with Austria in 1792 to prove power over the king.

The French Revolution impacted other countries in various ways. In Europe, the revolution led to a series of wars between various countries and the French. This also caused the rise of Napoleon and the empire he won. When the US got involved, it cause a tremendous amount of trouble. First, it helped split the country between pro-British and pro-French factions. It then led to many problems in foreign policy. The people of France and people of Britain then battled at war. and the US was caught in between with both countries preying on US shipping to the other country. This eventually led to near-war with the French and finally to the War of 1812 with the British.

During this period, military and political leader Napoleon Bonaparte had risen in prominence. Specifically by taking control of France after the success of the French Revolution. He was also partly instrumental in promoting the ideals of the Enlightenment in other locations around Europe. The tragic turn of events undeniably resulted from Napoleon overestimating his capacity, including the capacity of France. Although, instead of just becoming a reformer, he was reduced to a warlord who was willing to sacrifice thousands of men and other military resources in order to wage war against other nations.Despite the Napoleons failure , he is and will always will be a remarkable figure to the French Revolution

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