KEYPER the ultimate hands-free accessory to help women #keypittogether

KEYPER started as a simple solution to the juggle struggle of every woman: too much stuff and too few hands. With your keys on your wrist or attached to your bag handle, they are always nearby. Add the accompanying IT BAG and you'll never juggle again.
Our fans continue to come up with new and inventive ways to use the KEYPER and accompanying IT BAG.


Designed in a variety of textures, colors and patterns, the KEYPER is a fashionable alternative to digging in your bag looking for your keys. Slip on your wrist or clip to your bag handle and you'll never dig again. The accompanying IT BAG holds all of your essentials inside your big bag or as an extra clutch.


The KEYPER is more than a keyring bracelet. It's a multi-tasker, just like you. Its patented clip design holds up to 20 pounds, attaching your diaper bag, luggage or large purse to anything keeping it off the ground and secure.


Besides convenience, the KEYPER offers security. The strap can double as a theft-deterrent by attaching your bag to a grocery cart or chair preventing theft and giving you peace of mind knowing your bag is safe.


Mother and daughter inventor team Dana and Sally Robinson carry a lot, both figuratively and literally. They wanted a solution to their 'big bag' life that would make carrying it all a little bit easier. Sally sewed up her first 'PurseKeyper' as a solution to keeping her large purse from taking room in her shopping cart and off of her shoulder. Ten years later, the brand has come a long way from Sally's basement sewing machine. KEYPER has evolved into a fashionable wristlet and bag combination sold worldwide in multiple colors and fabrics all while keeping its original promise to give women an extra hand.


  • Mother-daughter inventor team
  • Made by women, for women
  • The learning curve of entrepreneurship
  • Choice to remain "Made in America"
  • Re-branding 'PurseKeyper' to 'KEYPER'


  • Both women have experienced the challenge of raising children as single mothers and want to ultimately help women keep it together in these unexpected situations.
  • The #KeypItTogether Foundation launched in 2019, pledging 5% of KEYPER profits to helping women and children facing crisis.


"Great Product. Great company." - Tory Johnson, GMA Deals & Steals
"I love them. I put them on my luggage too!" - Gretta Monahan, GrettaStyle
"Must-have accessory for every woman on the go." - Danielle Rudy Davis @louwhatwear
"It's awesome. It keeps your purse off the floor! - Angie Fenton, Host of Louisville's "Great Day Live!"
This little wristlet combo makes traveling and sight-seeing so “easy-peasy!” Literally I throw in my necessities... and then I’m good to go! - Candace Hall @theBigBlueDebutante

attributed quotes:

“We had an idea about how to make life easier for women who carry a lot, both figuratively and literally,” says CEO Dana Robinson, who invented the product more than a decade ago with her mother, Sally. “So instead of just talking about it, my mom and I invented it.”
“It’s the perfect gift for any woman who never has enough hands for all of her multi-tasking,” says Sally Robinson, inventor of the original PurseKeyper and current CFO of KEYPER. “Women carry a lot and KEYPER gives them a practical, convenient, secure way to ‘keyp it together’ … and to look great while doing it!”
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