Mitosis 12 Terms To Understand This Normal Function

Not to be confused with Meiosis*

One key thing to remember with Mitosis* is IPMAT:


Preparation phase. DNA divides, produces proteins and grows.


First phase. Chromatin* condense into chromosomes*.


Second and shortest phase. Chromosomes line up in the middle and spindle fibers connect to centromeres*.


Third phase. The sister chromatids* are pulled to opposite sides of the cell by the spindle fibers, splitting the chromosomes in half.

and Telophase

Final phase. Chromosomes begin to form in to loose chromatin. Two nuclear envelopes develop and cytokenesis occurs. Two identical daughter cells are formed.

*Meiosis: A type of cell division in which four daughter cells are formed with only half the amount of chromosomes than the parent cell had.

*Mitosis: A type of cell division in which two daughter cells have equal amounts of chromosomes as the parent cell.

*Chromatin: The material in eukaryotic cells that becomes chromosomes.

*Chromosomes: Threadlike structure containing DNA necessary for cell division.

*Centromere: The center of a chromosome where the spindle fiber connects to.

*Chromatid: Two thread like strands containing a double helix of DNA which chromosomes are separated into.

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