Columbia vs Zambia By: Lindsey Miller

Zambia is one of the fastest growing country. The bad part about it is that they have air pollution and acid rain.

Zambia has good land to farm and a lot of workers to farm the crops. The crops that come from the fields they sell to make more money.

Zambia has a low HDI because theres a 51% rate that you could die. Theres only 43% of improved sanitation. There is a high HIV/AIDS and pregnancy rate. They are the fastest growing but they do have people dying off as well.

In columbia they have 70 railways and 25 roadways to get to places.

Columbia has a higher HDI because there natural resources are petroleum and natural gas. There the fourth largest coal exporter and the fourth largest oil producer.

Columbia is filled with so many people there population is 47.12 million. They have so much culture and races. Columbia has so many people to work and they make good money with there resources.

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